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Buying Lip Balm Tubes to Make Your Own Chapstick

Updated on May 13, 2013

I love to make my own Chapstick, because I know exactly what goes into it – because I put it in myself! If you are allergic to any particular products that are often used in Chapsticks or lip balms, I suggest you do the same thing, because then you can be sure you will not be aggravated.

There are many ways of making your own lip balm, but my personal preference is a mixture of beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, but of course, you can make your own versions. Once you have melted down the ingredients that you have chosen, you are going to need some lip bakm tubes in which to place them. I've tried a lot of them, and these are some of the best and least expensive on the market, because one of the main reasons to make your own Chapstick is to save some money.

Lip Balm Empty Container Tubes 3/16 Oz (5.5ml), Pack of 12; Natural (translucent) color

These are by a company called natural cosmetics and I think they are extremely good value for money if you only want a small quantity of containers. I like them – well one of the reasons I like them anyway – is the fact that they are clear, so you can see how much lip balm you have left.

They can take temperatures up to 240°F, so it's easy enough to put in hot melted beeswax [or whichever base you are using] with no trouble at all. You might need an eyedropper or some other small container, and the way to do it is to fill them up, then when the contents have cooled, then top them up with another few drops, because the mixture usually shrinks when it cools.

Very good value for money, and as usual – I like to buy them from Amazon because of that fantastic returns policy.

50 Lip Balm Tubes with Caps Natural (Clear) NEW

If you feel like buying large quantities, perhaps because you're going to make some lip balm for your friends or as presents, you can save quite a lot of money by buying larger quantities. These are from another similar manufactured the first one, but if you buy 50 they cost less than $10.

The ingredients to make the lip balm are far less expensive than buying ready-made also, so you can really go to town with these things.

The way things are financially nowadays, making your own cosmetics is a fantastic way of saving money, although not all cosmetics are easy to make yourself – lip balms are easy though!

If you want to make them look more professional, you can also buy a black lip balm tubes, as it seems some people are put off by the clear tubes. I'm not sure why really, I guess they are just obviously homemade and that puts some people off.

Personally – I'm flattered when somebody makes me something themselves rather than buying a ready-made product, and although these are slightly more expensive than the last two, at less than $16 for 50, they are still pretty cheap.

Once again – they will stand up to a decent temperature, so you can pour melted beeswax in without too much difficulty, and as with all of these they come with a cap, and a screw bottom with a wheel that pushes the product up through the top of the container.

Ingredients to make your own Lip Balm

There are dozens of ways of making your own lip balm, at the ingredients you use will really depend on your personal preferences. A common ingredient use is beeswax, because that gives the mixture of nice firm finished when it has cooled down, and Amazon has a great range of beeswaxes to choose from. This is one I can recommend because I've used it myself.

If you combine the beeswax with coconut oil or vitamin E oil or even tea tree oil, you can create some interesting combinations and tastes. I do like use vitamin E oil because of all the health benefits associated with it.

Obviously – you need to make sure you don't use any oil that you may be allergic to. For example – I have a friend who is allergic to coconut oil, so when I make this sticks for her, I don't use coconut oil.

As I mentioned earlier, you will also need an eyedropper or some other small implement to make it easy to put the mixture in the container. Here are some examples of products that you might want to add when you buy your lip balm tubes, because buying them together with them usually takes you over the threshold for free shipping from Amazon. Enjoy your new hobby!

How to make a lipbalm


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