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Buying Sensible Yoga Wear for Women

Updated on September 25, 2012

There really is something to that tagline they use for Jockey underwear. It makes a lot of sense for the kind of yoga wear that you choose too. The idea in yoga, is to just be at one with your body. The only job that your yoga wear has at this point, is to get out of the way, and to simply let you be aware of your body. This is exactly what yoga wear for women and men needs to do. You may need to really pay attention to the clothing you wear here; so that you may be able to forget it when it comes time to really concentrate on your yoga.

Why To Empasise On Yoga Dress?

The practice of yoga often requires you to position yourself in unconventional ways. Clothing that is not designed for yoga can easily get in the way. For instance, in an asana that you are practicing as you stand upside down, you may well imagine how this might cause your shirt to fall right over your head. Yoga wear for women especially, needs to be designed in such a way that this never happens.

Since the Eastern lifestyle is often about wearing loose fitting clothing, people often believe that this is what they should wear when it comes to practicing their movement form. That's quite the wrong way to go about it. You need stretchable blended fabric that is somewhat formfitting. You could say more or less the same thing about yoga pants too. You don't want them falling to the tops of the thighs when you go upside down for any reason.

Elastic always beats drawstrings when it comes to yoga. Picture yourself lying flat on your stomach for an asana. If you wore drawstring pants, would not the knot bother you? You don't really want to go in with any preconceived notions of what really becomes an Eastern exercise form. You just want to wear whatever will really work. Most people seem to feel that surfer apparel really works well for yoga. It makes great yoga wear for women and men.

Depending on what kind of the climate your city has, you may need to use the basic philosophy you see here, and take it further. If you live in a cold place for instance, you may need to dress in layers, with all of them complying with all these requirements. If you wear a sweater, it needs to be formfitting and without any embellishments that can get in the way, too.


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