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Buying a Wig ,Tips

Updated on October 14, 2012
Curly wig
Curly wig | Source
Straight long wig
Straight long wig | Source

Wigs are no longer for your grandmother or the old women in your life. They are no longer regulated to a certain aged woman or to the back of the closet. Or to Halloween.

Wigs are no longer that one color stiff non moving synthetic hair either. Although you can buy synthetic, they are cheaper and so more manageable when a person is shopping on a budget.

Wigs are purchased, sold and given for any various reasons, and for multiple occasions.


It's for women, and girls who have lost their hair through a variety of health issues. Cancer, the big C being the most prevalent evil, since to treat it you have to use chemotherapy which normally causes the hair to fall out. So wigs are used for those who do not or are learning to embrace their bald headed beauty.


Eastern women shave their heads and their hair at no profit to them are made into human hair wigs to be sold to some of the most prestigious of beauty salons around the western world. This is how a lot of western women end up with human hair wigs or weaves.


A lot of women use wigs to test what they would look like with short hair or long hair or a different kind of hair cut without the long term commitment. Some use it to demonstrate their alter ego and others for other reasons. It is a good way to know what you will look like without doing something you will regret!

Bad hair day

There are others that use their favorite wig if they just can't get their own hair to behave. This is usually when you'll hear / hair women complain about bad hair days.

Transitional styles

Women of color typically do this if they are transitioning from straight, relaxed or pressed hair to rock their natural hair. All this means is as their own hair is growing out to their personal satisfaction they have a favorite hair style in a wig that they continue to rock on different days.

Protecting hair health

Protective styling using wigs is common among women of color. Some women use wigs to protect their own natural hair. They smoother their own hair with a conditioning agent and protect it by using a wig without feeling ugly or unprepared to meet their public obligations.

Time shortage

Lots of women who are short on time in the morning will opt for their favorite quick wig which will save them some time in their routine without sacrificing their inner diva. More and more women are opting to do this just because once they have mastered the art of 'wigging it', it becomes quick and easy.

Types of wigs

  • Lace front
  • Half wig
  • Synthetic
  • Human hair

Wig styles

  • Long
  • Short
  • Medium length
  • Fashionable colors, blond, red, too black, etc
  • curly, wavy, jeri curl
  • straight
  • celebrity

Weave VS Wig

  • Window shop
  • Try it on
  • Online purchase
  • Reviews
  • face shape

Wig names

female names

Wigs can be hot and take some getting use to, but once one gets past weight, heat, scratchy fibers or wig lining, combs, clips etc. wearing a wig becomes fun. Well that is if and when you get used to them.

For me summer is not for wearing wigs, it's just too hot and i sweat, a lot. Also the hair and all the inner workings of a wig tend to get a bit too much, yet for a few hours they can be fun.


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