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Buying and Caring for Johnstons Cashmere

Updated on January 10, 2014

Cashmere is a soft wool fabric used to make clothing and home accents. Johnstons of Elgin has been making cashmere items since1797. The product line of Johnstons cashmere includes clothing and home interiors. Each Johnstons cashmere product is meticulously hand crafted. The Johnstons cashmere clothing is well known for its quality and style.

This company produces Scottish cashmere, knits, and accessories. Located in Scotland, the Johnstons of Elgin company was founded my Alexander Johnston as a family business. The company has continued to be a leader in the wool industry. Awards have been presented to this company for the quality of the products and their business success.

Customers who purchase Johnstons scarves and outerwear made of cashmere have said that they are pleased by how the items keep them warm. Many customers comment about the soft texture. The scarves are available in several tartan patterns. The colors of the plaid scarves range from reds and blues to neutral browns and gray. These many styles can complement any winter look.

In addition to cashmere clothing and accessories, Johnstons of Elgin makes tweed clothes. Tweed is a wool fabric with a rough texture. Traditional tweed has mixed flecked colors. Men's tweed coats are a classic, but tweed clothing includes women's dresses, hats, and blouses.

Caring for Cashmere and Tweed

Maintaining the look of tweed and cashmere clothing requires some special care. People who want their clothing to continue to look as good as when they bought it should follow the care instructions on the label. Also, it is recommended to hang tweed clothing on thick, padded hangers to encourage the clothing to keep its shape. Wool clothing is heavy when wet. In order to prevent stretching or pulling of the material, the wool clothing should be dried on a flat rack.

Cashmere and tweed clothing can be folded and stored flat rather than hanging in a closet. Because moths are attracted to wool, cedar drawers are ideal in order to repel moths. It is actually the smell of the cedar that hides the smell of wool from moths. Some people prefer to use potpourri sachets to do this. If the person would like to use the smell of cedar but does not have a cedar chest, a cedar ball can be placed in the draw with the clothing.

For washing cashmere, some people hand wash the clothing articles in a delicate detergent. One option is cashmere shampoo which is a mild detergent made especially for washing cashmere by hand. Cashmere tends to develop tiny, fuzzy clumps on the fabric. There are devices that are designed for removing these fuzzy distractions.

With proper care, the quality Johnstons cashmere and tweed clothing can remain attractive for many years. Stylish cashmere and classic tweed pieces can be highlights of a person's wardrobe. These pieces are often suitable for business or socializing. Johnstons of Elgin makes cashmere clothing for the whole family.


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