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Finding a sunscreen to suit your needs and block out UV rays

Updated on January 27, 2013
So you want to get out in the sun, but you want lovely young skin protected from the sun rays?
So you want to get out in the sun, but you want lovely young skin protected from the sun rays? | Source
Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock Face, SPF 90, 3 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)
Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock Face, SPF 90, 3 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)

* The sunscreen sheilds to 6 layers deep

* Anti-oxidants to prevent aging

* moisturised skin finish - not greasy

* Covers Broad Spectrum UVAUVB

* Broad Spectrum UVA-UVB


An everyday sunblock that prevents aging

Protecting your skin from the sun is always going to prevent aging, however some compounds in certain sunscreens are better for it than others.

Preventing UVA and UVB rays, preventng the sun going layers deeper. A high SPF like 90 is very good for the skin, preventing aging and slowing aging effects through the combination of technology and cosmetic.

Nutrogeona is a trusted brand for women's cosmetics and leading in moisturising and preventing aging.

Vertra SPF 35 Sports Sunscreen Face Stick Natural Beige- Very Waterproof
Vertra SPF 35 Sports Sunscreen Face Stick Natural Beige- Very Waterproof

There are colours to match skin tone Gold, translucent and tinted

Very water resistant according to the review left "The product covers your skin as if it's a type of impenetrable makeup - and you look like you're wearing stage makeup. But if you're more concerned with the health of your skin than your appearance, definitely buy this product." You can read the rest by following this link

Note SPF is rated at 38


Sunscreen for water sports or just sport

Waterproof sunblock is vital for protecting the skin of the sportsman who perspires profusely under intense competition or the water baby who enjoys swimming and all things water related.

This sunscreen is 50 SPF keeps its SPF for 80 minutes after the water or persperation starts. Which makes it a good time to have fun or a decent work out before needing to reapply.

Other benefits of NO-AD Sport Sunblock 50 SPF is that it's a non-greasy, also non-slippery formula that is proofed against sweat and water for the time limit above.

NO- AD Sport Sunblock 50 SPF is approved by the Skin Cancer as an effective UV suncreen.

Recommended sunscreen for those who feel the need to have a tanned look to hit the water

Without risking skin cancer, there is a stick with an SPF of 38, Vertra SPF 38 Sports Sunscreen Face Stick Natural Beige. Its recommended for surfers who surf all day and the main reason its tinted is to know its still working, and to get appropriate coverage.

Tattoos need protection from the sun too

The skin where the tattoo art work is something that you want to look after and to enjoy the great colour work, and artwork for a long time it needs to be protected from the sun, just as your skin needs protection.

The original tattoo goo colour guard is designed to help the rich colours in your tattoo stay bright and prevent fading.

Need to apply after swimming, outdoor activities, let your new tattoo's heal first for about 3 weeks before use.

Zinc sunscreen

Fun bright colours, can ensure that you have covered the skin properly and you can allow the children to put on their own.

The bright colours could also encourage the children to be eager to put on sunscreen before going out with colours and choices.

Zinka coloured sunscreen waterpoof nosecoat sunblock - available in bright colours, can be bought individually or in packs. Bright colours available or flesh colours. Great protection from the sun, wind and elements. Waterproof nosecoat sunblock.

How to apply sunscreen properly

Now that you have bought the right sunscreen or at least chosen the one you will buy. Apply it properly so that you are best protected.

Ever applied sunscreen and been burned anyway?

Sunscreen always needs to be applied in the shade and needs times to dry, otherwise its like walking in to the sun with cooking oil on your skin.

Sunscreen is a barrier between you and the sun when its soaked in to the skin.

The question that remains is which sunscreen is best for you and your family?

Summer hats for women add extra sun protection - while looking amazing


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    • Abbasangel profile image

      Abbasangel 7 years ago from Australia - The land down under

      Thanks for your comments! Sometimes when your at the beach you don't really want to spend 20 minutes in the shade while the sunscreen dries too right. Well there are lots of different types out there, so you can keep experimenting until you get the one that is right for you.

    • Davorunner profile image

      Davorunner 7 years ago from Australia

      This is good. I have sensitive skin and so I still get burnt even with sunscreen on, which is why it's al the more important for me to use the right kind when I'm in the sun.

      Also I, and I think a lot of others too, don't always remember to reapply it when at the beach for hours, you just get caught up with having so much fun that it ends up being the last thing on your mind!


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