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CTM Regimen - Everyday for the Best Skin Ever

Updated on January 26, 2016

Pimples and Acne, Sigh...

Your grandma keeps on telling you to wash your face at least 5 times a day to get rid of impurities and pimple-causing bacteria. True. Your face has bacteria and washing it with water is not enough. Moreso, if you overdo with the washing, your skin will become dull and dry. Now, what to do?

Bee Wash with Honey and Witch Hazel - Perfect for all skin types

Organic | Source

CLEANSE means you need a Cleanser to clean your face. It is the first step in the CTM Regimen.

Oily or Dry skin require a daily cleanser. Be sure to use FACIAL WASH for oily skin or a cream-based cleanser for those with dry skin. It will remove all pollutants on your face like make up, dirt, sebum, dead skin cells and the likes. But what a cleanser can do is unclog pores which minimizes the risk of forming acne or pimples.

So what type of cleanser is for you? Liquid? Gel? Cream? It will depend upon your skin type and preference. Liquid and gel are great for those for all skin types. Cream cleansers work best for normal to dry skin.

Organic Facial Toners and Solutions


TONE means you need a Toner to keep your skin elastic and smooth. It is the second step on the CTM Regimen.

There are different types of toner and each one has a specific type of "work" to do on your face. For example, a HYDRATING toner will moisturize your face while removing deep-seated dirt which the cleanser failed to thoroughly sweep. Those with normal to dry skin can also try BLEACHING toner. There is also a CLARIFYING solution which tones down excessive oil production and keeps the pores from enlarging. Meaning, it will fight against acne formation. After toning your face, there is an instant feeling of rejuvenation and freshness. Your skin is soothed by the toner. Do you agree to that?

CLARIFYING SOLUTION for pimple/acne prone skin. FACIAL BLEACHING solution for dry, dull and aging skin. PLACENTA toner for normal to oily skin that needs purification & whitening. PINK toner for normal to dry skin that requires moisture & lightening

Toner - Fresh Feeling or Stinging Nightmare?

How do you feel after you have dabbed on the toner all over your face?

See results
ORGANIC | Source

Moisturize means you need a day and night cream or essential oils to hydrate your tired face. What is your favorite?

Even oily skin needs moisture! It does not mean that because your skin type is oily or combination, then, hands off to moisturizers. No! False! Everyone must use moisturizer fit for your skin type. Now, if you are more like the oily type, it is best to hydrate your skin with ARGAN OIL. It is oil extracted from kernels of the Argan tree and it can assist those with oily skin in reducing their pimples. It has antibacterial as well as anti-aging properties while keeping your face nourished. You can also benefit from oil-free moisturizers. It is very important to read the label before buying. For those with dry skin, always opt for an oil-based DAY or NIGHT CREAM. In time, your dry skin will become healthy and radiant. Dewy is the right word. The aim here is to have nourished and glowing skin.

BEFORE my organic skin care CTM Regimen

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The face powder cannot hide my acne.
The face powder cannot hide my acne.
The face powder cannot hide my acne.

While on the Regimen

Far from perfect but getting there...
Far from perfect but getting there...

Personally... CTM Regimen has changed me a lot!

I have been with pimples since I was 10. I have tried so many products and still, to no avail. I even encountered a set where my skin got irritated and the scar did not heal for a very long time. It was a hideous site.

It was about 2 or 3 years ago that I learned about organic skin care and what it can do for the skin. I tried products - cleanser, toner and moisturizer - for oily face and the results were almost immediate. Immediate means not more than 30 days.

With this, I realized that:

- a regimen is required to keep your skin healthy

- this must be done every single day without miss if I want the best results

- the regimen is cleanse, tone and moisturize using organic skin care products fit for my skin type

I did that without fail and never looked back.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize Ladies!

You can also add eye serum or anti aging eye cream, facial scrub or PEELING GEL to the C-T-M regimen. But remember, that on a daily basis, these three simple things can work wonders for normal, oily or dry skin.


Do that every single day, find the perfect skin products for your type and you will reap of the benefits.

Spin Trap® Serum by Uptown Cosmeceuticals AntiAging serum from plants and fruits extract
Spin Trap® Serum by Uptown Cosmeceuticals AntiAging serum from plants and fruits extract | Source

An Anti-Aging and Anti Oxidant Serum as a Primer

I just had to add this because this serum has been part of my mom's CTM skin care regimen (morning) for the past 2 months and it has been amazing on her!

It is called the Spin Trap® Serum, Intelligent Antioxidant from Uptown Cosmeceuticals. I have not tried it myself because my favorite is the Argan oil but I am willing to give it a go. My mom sure loves how this serum feels on her skin. She said that she feels her skin is being pulled back naturally and that her fine lines are slowly diminishing. She also said that she never felt any sting. One of her friends experienced a mild stinging on the face which went away after a week.

Posting a before and after photo of my almost 60-year old mom. She does not want me to tell her real age!

Spin Trap® Serum ingredients


The Oils and Extracts Found in Spin Trap® Serum

I researched on what the organic ingredients in Spin Trap® Serum can do for the skin and here are the things I found out:

It has Witch Hazel, (like the cleanser i featured above) which assists in restoring the pH balance of your skin.

Lavender Oil is one of its ingredients too. It can suppress wrinkle formation and it is not just for aromatherapy. It has all anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic characteristics.

Jasmine Oil can be found in Spin Trap® Serum. This particular oil is responsible for pumping up the skin's immunity to various disorders. Like the Lavender Oil, it too has all that plus it is antiviral as well.

Sandalwood Oil can tighten the skin and keep it moisturized and soothed.

Orange Peel Oil in this serum acts as a wrinkle "eraser" and it also improves the texture of the skin, making it more elastic and youthful looking.

Rose Oil helps in skin redness and restores damaged skin.

Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract inhibits the production of melatonin and aids in skin respiration to get rid of toxic elements. Toxic elements = aging elements.

Cassia Alata Leaf Extract acts as a natural astringent in this serum.

Now, upon studying these ingredients, I noticed that all of it has a mention of ANTIOXIDANT and ANTI AGING in their "effects when used" portion. So I guess these ingredients are the reasons why my mom is looking so flawless these days. Can it be the best anti aging serum on the market now? For my mom, it is though. She is so happy with it.

This is Annabel, my mom. Can you spot the difference?

Annabel, September 2015 Expensive day cream user Will not mention the brand
Annabel, September 2015 Expensive day cream user Will not mention the brand | Source
Annabel, January 2016 Spin Trap® Serum user
Annabel, January 2016 Spin Trap® Serum user | Source


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