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Cubic Zirconia Rings - What You Need To Know

Updated on September 16, 2009

If you're looking into Cubic Zirconia Rings and wondering what the differences are between fine cubic zirconia jewelry and real diamonds, this article will be very helpful for you.the three main questions that people often have about cubic zirconia involve what it is exactly, when and where is cubic zirconia used as opposed to real diamonds,and what are the big differences between the two. With answers to these basic questions, you'll feel much more comfortable about making your decision of whether or not CZ rings or other pieces of CZ jewelry are well suited for your needs.

If you haven't already figured it out, CZ is short for cubic zirconia. Cuban zirconia, just like a diamond, is a crystalline structure and both are formed under intense heat. The big difference is that diamonds are formed over a very long period of time, naturally in the ground, as opposed to CZ which is created in the laboratory. You're probably aware of the fact that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material. On the Mohs scale they rank the 10. You might be surprised to know that Cuban zirconia is also very hard and will rank out about 8.5 to about 9.0.

flickr photo by AMagill
flickr photo by AMagill

Hardness in a gemstone is important for a number of reasons. It's involved in how the facets can be cut, which in turn affects how the fire and brilliance will be displayed. In other words, the way that it retracts the light. Another benefit to this kind of hardness is that compared to some other gemstones, CZ rings are hard enough to withstand the day-to-day knocking about that bound to happen.  So not only do they look great when you buy one, but it will continue to look great in the long run.

If you're thinking that an artificial diamond is going to look obviously fake, you might be surprised. Diamonds and CZ stones are so similar optically they often take a trained gemologist to really tell the difference. The beauty of this is that you can have jewelry like a rock star or a movie star but just a fraction of the price. Whether you put a CZ stone and necklaces, earrings, bracelets or in a ring, you're going to look fantastic. And of course this will be a just a fraction of the price of the real thing.

Cubic Zirconia isn't just a cheap knockoff for the “wannabes”.  You might be surprised how many very affluent people are actually wearing CZ jewelry. Think about it... even if you could afford the massive diamonds that you see on the red carpet runways, would you be comfortable wearing that out in public? I know I wouldn't. Cubic zirconia rings, cubic zirconia bracelets, or whatever form of jewelry you might wear, make excellent backups and are quite popular for all kinds of people.

flickr photo by stephend9
flickr photo by stephend9

With CZ being such a close rival to the real thing, you might be wondering what the real differences are. In a side-by-side comparison here some of the main things he would notice. First fall, the flashes of color. Cubic zirconia will have less white flashes (this is known as brilliance), and more color flashes (this is what's referred to as “fire”). If you're looking at a rock and you see a lot of rainbow colors, this probably means you're looking at a CZ stone.

The colors referred to in the above paragraph referred to the reflected light. The cubic zirconia stone itself are pure white void of any color. On the diamond color scale this would be rated a D. A real diamond rated a D is almost impossible to locate, would be extremely rare, and extremely, extremely valuable. So, while this may not be “realistic” for most people's rocks, it sure does look good!

Finally, the big question... cost. Here's where you see the real difference. When you're looking at a real diamond in the neighborhood of one carat, the starting price will probably be in the neighborhood of about $4000. The other hand, you can get the same size sees the stone for about $10. Yep, that much of a difference.

So there you have it. Diamonds and cubic zirconia look similar, they act similarly as far as hardness, light refraction, color etc. and they grab people's attention because they're beautiful. Some of the big differences however, by the fact that CZ won't set you back anything like a diamond will. Again, this can be a good thing for safety reasons in addition to simple financial reasons. With that said however, diamonds will always be a true reflection of one's love for another. And when it comes to one's love, it's not always about size. I guess what I'm saying is that you definitely don't want to try to pass off cubic zirconia rings as the real thing. As long as you are realistic about the reason, or use for, CZ as opposed to a real diamond, and they are a fantastic alternative.

So be honest. Be honest about what you can afford, about where and why you'll be wearing your jewelry, and who the purchases for. I wouldn't recommend placing your eternal love with a cubic zirconia engagement rings, unless of course, you've made that “Crystal” clear to your sweetheart. If you have done that, then by all means, cubic zirconia rings are a great way to go. You'll have a lot more money left over for other things.


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