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Caggie Dunlop Hair Tutorial

Updated on November 27, 2014

Caggie Dunlop's Hair Style:

Caggie Dunlop's lush hair is always full of movement, body and bounce. Although she wears her hair in a variety of different styles I will base this guide around the two pictures shown in this article as these are my favourite as well as being flattering for the vast majority of hair types and face shapes.

  • To emulate her hair exactly have your hair cut to a good 3-ish inches below your collar bone. No matter what hair style she is wearing her hair tends to be mid-length. Also bear in mind by the time you've added volume, waves or curls to your hair this will take at least a couple of inches off your length. Unless you have very thick hair I would suggest getting a one length cut as this will make your hair and in particular your ends look chunkier and thicker and therefore bouncier and healthier just like Caggie's hair in the above picture. Get medium blonde highlights with some possible low lights to add dimension. To achieve the ashier blonde Caggie showcased in Series one of 'Made of Chelsea' and in the picture below you must use toner. As a bottle blonde myself I use 'BLEACH' London Silver Shampoo for it's fantastic quality and natural looking results. Make sure you use a little bit at first and then build it up until you get the perfect natural looking blonde as seen in Caggie's photos.

Caggie's Hair Tutorial:

  1. For Caggie's go to hair style displayed in the above photo start by combing your favourite hair volumizing mousse or spray throughout your hair from your roots right to the very ends. Really go to town with it, use as much as you feel is required. I use the 'John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse' as it literally doubles the thickness of my fine, thin hair. It thickens the strands to create body and lift all over. It also makes my ultimate hair style hold a whole lot better and for longer. Then blowdry your hair upside down to create as much volume and lift as possible. Lastly spend a minute blasting your hair all over with cold air to seal your newly created volume in place!
  2. Then take a combination of medium and large heated rollers and wrap large sections of your hair around each one. Don't be overly neat with them as you will want your hair to look like it is naturally that way once you've finished and not overly styled. I would suggest using the larger ones more so at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top to avoid a flat looking top and to give your hair added height. This will also help to create maxium looking movement and volume. Leave in for about 20 minutes and then remove making sure to take the bottom rollers out first. I use 'Cloud Nine The O Heated Rollers'. I adore these as i'm rubbish at using curling tongs and so these are so simple, easy and quick to use and create really beautiful looking loose curls and waves depending on your preference. I have thin, fine hair so these rollers are the absoulte ideal for re-creating Caggie's look in a way that would be impossible without. Take a look at the video below for a review of the Cloud Nine Heated Rollers. If these are too pricey you could always just buy a much cheaper set of ordinary heated rollers for a similar effect.
  3. Lastly sprinkle some of the brilliant 'OSIS Dust it Powder' at the roots of your hair and gently rub in. Be careful to use only sparingly as just a little bit is VERY effective. It provides lightweight texture and natural looking volume all over your roots. This magic powder is so effective you will not actually need hair spray to hold it in place.

Caggie's Hair Style 2:

  • For the above hair style use the exact same method as above but this time use small heated rollers and only wrap small sections of your hair at the bottom half of your hair only so that the loose curls are emphasised at the bottom only. Try to wrap small sections of your hair around each roller in different directions to get that chunky finish with lots of movement.
  • If you don't want to use heat in your hair (especially if you want to re-create this style on a daily basis) then use sleep in rollers. The finish won't be as neat looking but it will give you a smilar enough look with the required volume.

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