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"Calvin Klein" The Essentials.

Updated on April 12, 2016

Playful Anticipation

Playful patterns and demur attitudes are all the rage as the anticipation heightens as these fashion statements make their way down the runway. Subtle on the eyes but playful on the heart makes you want to have these lighthearted choices as their simple but eye catching patterns play with your imagination of being on vacation in an exotic place enjoying coffee in an out of the way romantic café.

Celebrity Style.

Shopping down Rodeo Drive would be appropriate as you stroll and browse the shops of the celebrities. As you stop for coffee or tea at that famous café you can imagine yourself actually seeing a celebrity as you look out through your designer sunglasses. But, it is you that everyone is looking at wondering wear you had gotten such style. Really a must have!

Lest we forget the Shoes?

Lets not forget the shoes. You know, the ones that seem to go with everything and always make whatever your wearing look fabulous. It's like you walked right out of a fashion magazine.

There is a lot to celebrate. This designer never ceases to amaze with his brilliant designs that never seem to go out of style. It is a true talent that the designer has to always keep giving year after year. There has been knockoffs, but know one can compare to the real thing. It's something that cannot be truly copied successfully. Hats off to Calvin Klein for making our style even better.


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