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Camouflaging Undereye Circles - Maybelline Age Rewind Makeup Review

Updated on March 13, 2013
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer Assortment
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer Assortment | Source

There are any products on the market that claim to conceal dark under eye circles. As someone who has had dark circles even when no lifestyle activity or life station necessitated them, I've worked hard to find the best products I can. Usually, my criteria are as follows:

  • Product must conceal under eye darkness (duh!)
  • Product must look like skin and not a white piece of fabric draped under my eyes
  • Product must last more than 30 minutes
  • Product must not exacerbate darkness or cause other secondary problems

You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find something that meets these criteria. One more requirement is that the product must be worth the money. If it costs a lot, it must drastically out-perform other products or take longer to use up the amount provided in the package.

The premier product I've tried is the Bobbi Brown line.

It was amazing how the Corrector neutralized the darkness of my under eye circles. When paired with one of their concealers and set with their powder (from the Creamy Concealer Kit), I looked well rested and perky. The product claimed to be long-lasting, and it performed so-so. The cost eventually sent me back to the drugstore looking for a more economical alternative.

That is when I came across Maybelline's Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer and Treatment (possibly the longest name in the history of beauty products).

This stuff is magic.

It doesn't settle into fine lines. It is creamy and the perfect consistency, not too thick, not too runny. And once you set it with a powder, it lasts quite well - maybe not 16 hours, but a solid eight hours and even more.

Here's my routine:

  • Moisturize well with an eye cream
  • Use the Brightener color first (a pinkish tint), with a swipe from applicator then dabbing with my ring finger
  • Next apply the appropriate color to match your skin (I've had to use a darker shade than I imagined, going with Medium rather than Light)
  • Set with powder
  • Get going with my day

The product costs about $7 and lasts a good long while. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the overall experience and your well-rested appearance!


Swatches of Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser
Swatches of Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser | Source


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    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 4 years ago

      Hi Nita,

      i think that camouflage begins with making sure you

      have the right makeup that matches your skin tone

      overall really nice hub and great tips

      they will surely be helpful

      Voted up

    • Kate Alyce profile image

      Kate Phillips 9 months ago from Mankato

      This seems like a great product. If you want to try another one, check out my hub on Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer:

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