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Camouflage Swimwear

Updated on March 16, 2011

Get Noticed in Camouflage Swimwear

While camouflage is typically designed to keep you hidden, camouflage swimwear is sure to get you noticed. It is a deliciously stylish and fun option for summer - something that not everybody else on the beach will be wearing.

Whether you're a guy or girl, young or old, a camouflage swimsuit can be that unique bathing suit you've been looking for.

With so many choices in colors, styles and patterns it is often a difficult decision to decide exactly which camouflage swimwear or camouflage bikinis you like best. Online there are and eBay, which are great places to find stylish camouflage swimwear for everyone. Click here to visit and eBay. You will be able to find anything from the classic camouflage colors to pinks and blues and grays.

If you're a male, you will probably want to steer clear of anything pink. If you're looking for a different color camouflage swimsuit, opt for grays, browns, and blacks instead of the typical camo color.

Otherwise for everyone, the style options are endless. If you choose camouflage swimwear in tones of whites and grays, or any style swimwear with a lot of white showing, then make sure you buy a camouflage swimsuit that is lined unless you are going to unwillingly show everyone in the world your business.

Women's Camouflage Swimwear Separates

Camouflage Swimwear

Camouflage Swimwear
Camouflage Swimwear

Camouflage Tankinis -Some Styles Available in Other Sizes

Finding the Right Swimwear for Women and Girls

Deciding you want camouflage swimwear is an easy decision, however, finding the camouflage swimwear you love is a completely different matter altogether. Find the right swimwear for your body shape and age.

  • For very young ladies, choose one-piece camouflage swimwear or camouflage bikinis or bikini separates that will cover everything like a full coverage halter with a boyshort or skirt bottom. Camouflage String bikinis on young girls is very inappropriate.

For women, you need to consider your body shape when deciding what style camouflage swimwear is right for you. You can choose from any style camouflage bikini or camo swimsuit you want depending on your body type and what you feel comfortable in.

  • If you don't have the stomach for a bikini, don't wear one, and if you don't feel comfortable in a two-piece, don't wear one. Opt for one-piece camouflage swimwear or a camouflage monokini or camo tankini.
  • Pear-shaped women need to draw attention away from their large hips and up towards their chest. For swimwear, opt for something frilly up top or you could even opt for camouflage swimwear tankini tops with a solid bottom. Intricate straps, patterns, padding, and ruffles can all do wonders. For camouflage swimsuit or camouflage bikini bottoms, choose shorts or skirts that are not too long. Too long of either and your hips will be accentuated, not detracted from.
  • Apple-shaped women need camouflage swimwear that holds their large bust up effectively and fully. You most often have great legs, so wear what you want for bottoms, but opt for empire-waisted one-piece camouflage swimwear or halter style tops for camouflage bikinis. Also, wider strapped bikini tops or one-pieces will do best. The only bottoms you may not want is something too high cut, like french cut bottoms, because sometimes this accentuates your skinny legs and big upper body. You can choose to wear string bottoms that tie at the hips with a tankini top to hide any rolls.
  • Athletic or slender women look best in sportier two-piece camouflage swimwear. You have a body that you most likely work hard for, so show it off in a sportier style. Of course if you prefer, you can always wear a string camouflage bikini, but if you don't have much of a chest, you know how hard it can be to get them to stay put.
  • For hourglass shapes, opt for string bikinis or halter style bikinis with fun bottoms. Be careful with shorts as you do not want to look larger on the bottom. Fuller skirted bottoms can do the same thing. For one-piece camouflage swimwear, opt for something that cuts in around the waist to accentuate your perfect curves.
  • For plus-sized women, opt for one pieces with skirts or shorts in your camouflage swimwear. You can also choose camouflage tankinis, because this type of camouflage swimsuit will do just that - camouflage parts of your body you aren't confident about. If you don't have great legs, you can buy camouflage cover-ups or camouflage skirtinis. Keep that in mind when looking. If you love the camouflage skirt, but want the camouflage swimwear tank top - have both. Just make sure you'll feel beautiful and confident this summer, so you don't really keep hidden in your camouflage swimwear.

Most importantly, make sure you will feel good in your camouflage swimwear so that you can have fun all summer long. The worst thing you can do is buy a camouflage swimsuit you are never going to wear because it makes you feel self-conscious.

Finding the Right Camouflage Swimwear for Men

If you're a man, you basically have four options for camouflage swimwear. You can go for bikini style, thong, hot shorts, or boardshorts. For most men and boys, boardshorts will be the only way to go. However, for the more daring man, bikini, thong or hot shorts may be the way to go. If you're not confident enough, don't wear them.

Camouflage swimsuits for men come in a wide variety of colors and designer/brand names too. They're not all the typical army green color. While army green camouflage swimwear for men is still the most popular and always a good choice, there are many mens camouflage swimsuits available in cooler feeling shades like light grays and browns. As noted before, just be sure your camouflage swimsuit is lined if the colors are lighter.

Men's Camouflage Swimming Trunks


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