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Camper Shoes Fanatic

Updated on November 24, 2011

Camper shoes are loved by people all over the world. In fact, Camper is one of those rare brands that have a high number of fanatics.

And I’m one of them!

My first pair of Camper shoes (and still my favourite) is the Camper Peu Cami. I can honestly say that whilst I’ve enjoyed owning shoes in the past, these are the first shoes for which actively dread the day they wear out. That day could be emotional...

Thankfully this doesn’t appear to be any day soon – I’ve owned them for over two years and even after near constant use and abuse they still look great.

Camper Men's 17665 Peu Cami Sneaker,Black,44 EU (US Men's 11 M)
Camper Men's 17665 Peu Cami Sneaker,Black,44 EU (US Men's 11 M)

The first Camper shoes I ever bought - and still my favourites!


So why do I love Camper shoes?

Originating in the Spanish city of Barcelona, Camper shoes have a distinctive style that is quite unlike any other shoe brand and which means they stand out amongst other shoe brands. In fact, many Camper shoes are instantly recognizable due to their distinctive design features.

The Camper name comes from the Catalan word meaning ‘peasant’, and you can see this simple influence reflected in Camper products as well as the company’s design philosophy – “luxury in simplicity”. (The ironic thing is that despite their humble design approach Camper shoes have been readily adopted by people from all walks of life, including many celebrities and well-heeled notables.)

Admittedly, because Camper designs tend to be a lot less obvious than most other shoes brands, some people find them challenging or just downright don’t like them, although this tends to be the way with many iconic brands.

Camper is most famous for their casual shoes which combine functionality and creativity with supreme comfort and many Camper shoes incorporate an accommodating toe. For this reason, Camper shoes have a huge fan base of people who have bunions or who find other shoes to be cramped and restrictive.

The Camper range isn’t only limited to casual shoes though. In recent years the company has expanded their range to include shoes that are ‘dressy’ enough to wear to work, or to social occasions that call for something a little more formal than your favourite pair of Camper flats. Camper has also recently introduced a range of kid’s shoes.

The best place to buy Camper shoes

Camper shoes can be hard to find – especially if you live outside the US or Europe, and this can mean that you end up paying highly inflated prices for them (I live in Australia and the prices here for Camper shoes are crazy!). This is where is great.

Endless (which is owned by Amazon) has the best prices I’ve found for Camper shoes, and they delivery to your door for free worldwide when you spend $100. This is brilliant for anyone living outside the US as delivery costs around the world from US websites can often be prohibitively expensive. Their shipping is fast too – I receive my orders in Australia in less than a week from the time I order. Endless also offers a 365 day returns policy.

To give you an idea of the savings you can find on Endless, my favourite pair of Camper shoes sells for AU$300 dollars here in Australia (about US$306) and the same pair can currently be bought from Endless for US$128!! For some styles the saving is even larger!

You can browse the full range of Camper shoes on Endless here.


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