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Can I, a Regular Guy, Buy and Wear a Rolex?

Updated on June 8, 2021

Here's a Rolex Submariner, can you picture it on your husband's flanneled sleeve?

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I endorse the excellent craftsmanship and durability of Rolex

I truly enjoy a well made thing. Anything really, a boat, a steak, a laptop, anything made with care, skill and talent. On the other hand, I despise sanctimony. I guess it's my working class American upbringing that makes me abhor anything that may seem holier-than-thou.

But when something's made well, it's difficult to argue with quality. Plus, for a fella like me, owning a Rolex would mean carrying around a precision tool, not flaunting a shiny gewgaw. In other words, I don't care for status symbols, at least not the kind that signify exorbitant wealth. I do like status symbols that signify excellent craftsmanship and durability, and that is why I endorse some of the Rolex watches for some regular guys.

Personally my favorite is the original Rolex Explorer. I wish I could have pictured it above but I couldn't find any non-commercial use images of one! I would've taken a picture of mine except currently it's being stored in the attic of my mind! Ha! Anyhow, the Rolex Explorer has a rich history, as quoted from Rolex's official website, "The Explorer made an auspicious debut in 1953, after Sir Edmund Hillary's ascent of Everest. Since then, these robust Oyster Perpetual chronometers have demonstrated their dependability far and wide, defying the most extreme conditions."

If Ed can wear one, I can wear one!

New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary wasn't always a British Knight! At one time he was a late-bloomer little school boy who had to take a train two hours each way to get back and fourth from school. He heroically learned to box as he gained in physical stature to 6'5" ! He also later became a World War II navigator. My point is if Ed can wear a Rolex, I can wear a Rolex, and so can you or your regular guy husband. I especially like the Explorer because it is the most utilitarian of all of Rolex's designs. It also comes with the standard self-winding Oyster movement, which, if you don't know already, means that when you swing your arms the watch winds itself! No batteries, no winding a dial until you hear a spring explode!

All Rolex come with what's called official Swiss chronometer certification. In regular person speak, chronometer means more accurate than your kitchen timer! Also you may have noticed that the plural of Rolex is Rolex. So if you ever see a flock of them racing across a hurried boulevard, be sure and tell your companions, "Look at the gaggle of Rolex racing across the street!"

John Lennon once sang, "A Working Class Hero is something to be." I believe when John sang this heart-felt lyric it was to embolden ordinary people to live extraordinarily. To show that most people with money are still impoverished in spirit. If you deny yourself because of your pride and your prudence well maybe there is bravery in that, but even a thrifty soul knows the value of quality once they understand a Rolex.


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