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Can Men Wear Bras At Night?

Updated on November 15, 2010

Men new to wearing bras might at some point come across the old girl's tale that it is dangerous to wear a brassiere at night. This tale is so widespread that some women will swear up and down that it is the truth. Indeed, I remember at bedtime at boarding school, it was a common practice for us all to announce that brassieres must be removed... get this... so we wouldn't get breast cancer. If someone forgot to remove theirs and accidentally wore one at night, it was cause for great concern for all of give minutes until something shiny caught our attention.

We were teenagers at the time, so we can be excused for being silly, uninformed bandwagon jumpers. Suffice to say, wearing a brassiere at night will not give you breast cancer. Mutations in the cells of your breast tissue will give you breast cancer. AndI believe it is fairly difficult to get breast cancer if you're male (not impossible of course, for we live in a universe of possibility, but not likely.)

Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that science has provided us with the medical technology to treat some cancers and to understand many more, many people take a perverse delight in denying science and its teachings and believing in their own brand of mumbo jumbo (but only as far as it suits them, they still take planes, powered by mechanical devices and electricity, they don't take magical flying carpets.) So some people believe in the bras – breast cancer causation loop in spite of masses of evidence to the contrary.

Now, wearing a brassiere at night might prove to be very uncomfortable if it is an under-wire bra, but if it is not and it's comfortable enough to sleep in, then no real harm will come to you. If you want to be authentically feminine about your bra wearing, then sure, take your bra off at night, most women do (certainly most of the girls who came through the same school as I did do because we had it drummed into our heads that we absolutely must.)

However, if you have a favorite brassiere that is incredibly comfortable to wear and you want to wear it at night, then you can do so without fear, and you can pass the word around that not only does wearing a brassiere at night not cause breast cancer, on the contrary it leads to pleasant nights of rest and relaxation.


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    • profile image

      MaraSophia 7 years ago

      It´s my male dream ... so starting tonight I will stay in bra when going to bed. What about a body with padded cups?

    • profile image

      dartagnon 7 years ago

      Nice article. I would wear a bra 24/7 if I could. My guess is that this old wives tale was probably started by men who wanted to make sure that their women would come to bed unfettered, so to speak.