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Can one dress too casual?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Do you ever wonder how dressing casual can be too casual? This topic may bring up different ideas from many who read this but I think everyone has their own opinion about this and no one is right or wrong in what they think. Lately, working at the library, I have noticed one trend, women and girls going out in their pajamas and slippers, one time a mother and daughter both came in with pajamas, slippers and a robe. I have nothing against the way that people dress when they plan to go out on the street, but I just wonder how others would think about this.

As I was thinking about this topic, I happened to read a magazine article about dressing too casual. After reading it, it really made me think, when in high school I can remember when during the homecoming season they had a pajama day. I didn't ever dress in my pajamas because I was taught by my parents that it isn't really nice leaving the house like you barely woke up. This day was set up to be a fun day for the students and see how they would dress and after that they went back to dressing regularly for school.

In part of the article, I read that some students go to school in pajamas, like they just got out of bed and didn't have time to get ready. This is surprising in some ways but I figured if they go to the library already in their pajamas that most of the time they think they can go anywhere else in their pajamas. How many times have you gone to Walmart in the middle of the night and there are people there with pajamas and slippers and sometimes even a robe on top so they won't get cold?

This topic may be something not a lot of people would talk about. But it is said by some that this shows that people want to be lazy and just don't want to get ready and not caring. They even say that at this point they think did that person even think of hygiene. Others say that it is about just being comfortable in what they want to wear and not caring what others say around them.

It is different when you are in your home and relaxing because people are not really watching you or you are just with your family. But when it comes to going out in public some may have different way of thinking. What do you think about this trend? Is this trend of wearing pajamas acceptable in many eyes?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      That does happen to me also when I just want to lounge at home, like you said it never fails.

    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 5 years ago from Texas

      I feel guilty even if I want to stay at home all day in my pajamas, lol. The couple of times I have tried it, it never fails that unexpected company drops by, it was totally embarrassing. : )