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Canada Goose Arctic Collection Review - Extreme Winter Protection

Updated on December 15, 2013

Introducing Canada Goose Arctic Collection for Men

The Arctic Collection IS THE COLLECTION that defines Canada Goose. In its origins Canada Goose produced winter parkas for Arctic explorers, scientist and government officials. Since those old days, the Goose has opened up its market for individuals that plan on taking the Everest, running a dogsled race in Alaska or hitch-hiking into the South Pole.

Arctic Collection by Canada Goose


What is the Best Parka to Work and Live in the Arctic?

For some reason you got posted in an Arctic region, be it to study the wilderness or to perform oil exploration. The Resolute Parka or the Expedition Parka are your best choice. Both of these extreme cold parkas were made specifically to work on -30° zero conditions. One of the best aspects of the jackets are its multiple pockets well placed to hold tools big and small.

Resolute Parka


Expedition Parka


What is the Best Parka for Urban Cities?

If you are looking for a parka you really need some warmth with you. But what really makes you think twice from buying one is the sturdiness of the design. Looking like a stuffed polar bear is OK when going to the North Pole, but when going down to work or picking up some groceries to the store? No way.

Here is a list of cold city parka´s that will keep you warm, cozy and stylish:

  • Banff Parka
  • Chateau Parka
  • Citadel Parka
  • Ontario Parka
  • Langford Parka

All of the previous styles are designed with different types of versatility without sacrificing one inch of endurance to wind and cold.

Banff Parka


Chateau Parka


Citadel Parka


Ontario Parka


Langford Parka


Which is the Best Parka for the Coldest City on Earth?

If you are one of those living in one of the top 10 coldest places on earth, your best option is the Westmount Parka, which can keep you warm under -30°.

Westmount Parka


The Coldest City On Earth

Enforcer Style Parkas

When Canada Goose first began producing parkas, its main client was the government and several other institutions. It designed cold winter jackets for the mounted forces of Canada, the police and army forces. Since those old days, the company has adapted the militia style designs for civilian use, creating some of the most popular styles on the market.

The enforcer styles can be found within Canada Goose´s Arctic Collection along with the working and urban parkas, but they differ by their versatile design, easy access pockets and awesome styles.

  • Burnett Jacket (militia)
  • Constable Parka (Northern Police)

For more enforcer related styles, check out the Pilot Jackets.

Burnett Jacket


Constable Parka


Pilot Style Jackets from Canada Goose

Pilot winter jackets have been in fashion ever since World War I, popularized by pilot fighters. Back in the days aerial fighters flew on an open cockpit and they needed plenty of protection from wind and cold alike. The Bomber jackets came into the scene, and after the two World Wars they transcended into civilian lifestyle. Top Gun and Tom Cruise re-popularized Pilot jackets to the point the Chilliwack Bomber is one of the most sold winter jackets by Canada Goose.

  • Chilliwack Bomber™ (Arctic Bomber Pilot Style – most sold Canada Goose jacket)
  • Foxe Bomber (fur lining and wind breaks)
  • Borden Bomber (second version of the Chilliwak)
  • Heli-Arctic Parka (helicopter pilot style).

What differentiates the pilot styles from all the other is its airborne unique style and a versatile design for greater cockpit movement. Take in mind bomber jackets are known for being short to the waist, so always select a much larger size than what you would with a parka.

Chilliwack Bomber


Foxe Bomber


Borden Bomber

Heli-Arctic Parka


Arctic Collection Accessories

  • Arctic Rigger Coverall (as those used by sled-racers)
  • Rocky Mountain Bib Overall
  • Tundra Down Pant (prevents soaking in)

Women styles differ some from the men and include more stylish options. The Arctic Youth Collection includes some of the best styles mentioned here for both kids and babies.

Rocky Mountain Overall


© 2013 David Trujillo Uribe


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