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Canadian Tuxedo: A fashionable faux-pas

Updated on December 11, 2015

Wearing denim-on-denim has been disliked subsequent to that haunting moment when then-couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears appeared at the 2001 American Music Awards wearing coordinating Canadian tuxedos. Blending a denim coat with pants was famous on runways and amongst bands like N'Sync in the '90s.

Obviously, the first Canadian Tuxedo originated before both Britney and the boy bands.In the 1950s, denim was notorious on account of Marlon Brando, James Dean and each one of those different grumblers who were irritating the social order.

Canadian Tux got it's name after an incident that took place in a certain Canadian hotel with Bing Crosby. He was an enthusiastic fanatic of Levi's. He wore the pants and a coordinating coat, pretty much wherever he could. On the other hand, one of those spots he couldn't was this Canadian hotel. Crosby and his companion needed to crash for the night with a Vancouver hotel. They were informed that they couldn't be conceded, as they were wearing denim.

The Leather Patch
The Leather Patch

Fortunately for them, a bellboy recognized Crosby and they were permitted. When he got back home and told the story, Levi's got word and chosen it wouldn't happen once more, by giving him something extremely unique.

Levi's gave Bing Crosby a denim Jacket, manufactured using the same denim as the 501. Inside the coat was an extraordinary leather patch cautioning lodging men all over the place to treat the wearer of this unique article of clothing with deference. Thus, the name Canadian Tuxedo.

The Infamous Quadruple Denim  outfit
The Infamous Quadruple Denim outfit

The Canadian Tuxedo was gigantic in the 90s, however from that point forward the Canadian tuxedo has been essentially stigmatized, after the not double, not triple, but quadruple denim style proclamation by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music awards. Not wearing a denim-on-denim outfit is like an unspoken rule, which was expressly implied by these two.

Of late however, the style has reemerged from the ashes, and I never thought i would say it but, it's a thing. Once referred to as a cardinal sin, now it has been widely accepted if done in a right way.

Just the other day at the mall I saw a few women wearing a light blue Levi's denim jacket with a loose plain tank tops with slim fit jeans, while a few others were wearing darker denim shirts with boyfriend denims. Be that as it may, it's difficult to think about an outfit with as much notoriety connected to it as double denim, but what's more, they all looked confident and chic.

Double denim done right
Double denim done right

The spring/summer 2015 runways was aboard with the idea of denim-on-denim style, including some straight leg jeans and denim dresses at Gucci in Milan and intelligently custom-made denim coats at Burberry in London. So this made me think why not give a second chance to the double-denim style?

With such a large number of brands rediscovering the persisting smarts of denim, the excellence about this pattern is you presumably as of now have it in your closet. Double denim is worn by such a large number of big names and models, however is supported principally by celebrities like Zac Efron and Kanye West for the young men, demonstrating that anyone with every single diverse sort of style can pull it off, and worn by women like Kardashians and Katie Holmes, again demonstrating that anybody can make it work.

Loose fitting Shirt. Double denim done wrong.
Loose fitting Shirt. Double denim done wrong.

How to do double denim right?

With regards to double denim, less isn't more as I would see it.

The way to wearing this redesigned matching is basic: Make beyond any doubt the two things aren't the same shade. They can both be blue denim, but the shade must be distinctive, or you will be called attention to as a fashion impaired. Include heels, a smooth clutch and a touch of shimmer for a night out. Chambray is frequently mixed up for denim, despite the fact that it is a lighter material. The excellent Chambray shirt is an unquestionable requirement and looks especially great with darker denim or light, depending on the denim shade.

Also, you need to ensure that your pieces fit you properly. Matching together a truly loose combination of jeans and a baggy denim shirt is not a decent look, nor is the blend of a loose denim coat and awful fitting pants.

Celebrities who did it right

Kanye wearing a dark denim jeans with light shade of denim jacket.

Cameron Diaz rocking the look with dark denim bottoms and light denim jacket, with shades and a red handbag, making it a perfect look!

Kanye West wearing different shades of jeans
Kanye West wearing different shades of jeans
Cameron Diaz did it right.
Cameron Diaz did it right.

Summing it up...

So this is my double denim styling rules that I give you that is comfortable and chic, and not overdone. Along these lines, these are the basic standards for getting that impeccable double denim style and these work for both the men and ladies, you can't generally turn out badly if you follow these rules, you are practically ensured to hit the nail on the head or else you would pull another Justin and Britney.

How many of you love the double denim style? I would likewise love to know how you wear it as well! Comment and let me know!

You can get this basic double denim look on Amazon. Other Denim pieces for you to buy are here..


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      3 years ago

      That's too awesome!

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      3 years ago

      I stil remmbr dat justin n britney quadruple denim clths.


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