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Candy Wrapper Handbags and Purses

Updated on October 6, 2010

The Barbella

LAYS Potato Chips

I'd Like To Give The World A Coke

Candy Wrapper Handbags=Earth Friendly

We are all looking to be a little "greener" these days. There are many terms used to define so whether it is termed as earth friendly or eco-friendly basically it's all the same.

Being able to use discarded materials to produce a product will have less impact on our landfills. Using a chemical free, or chemical safe process will have less impact on our environment. Using fair labor standards in countries such as Mexico, Peru and India increases quality of life.

Supporting companies that incorporate these principles will help lessen the impact that we are making on our earth.

Candy Wrapper Handbags are strong, durable and water resistant and best of all earth friendly.

These Earth Friendly Candy Wrapper Handbags are fashionable, colorful and affordable.  Not only are you helping the environment but you will be the fashionista.

Wrapper Handbags In Action

Bar Code Bag

Care For An M & M?
Care For An M & M?

So Many Sizes and Styles To Choose From

There are over 50 styles in different colors. Clutches, Messengers Bags, Pouches, Cell Phone Holders, just to name a few.

Lays, M&M's, Mars, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and Disney are just of few of Licensed Partners.

Since each Purse is Handmade, Your Purse will be a one of a kind!


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