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Carbon Fiber Jewelry - Whats Out There?

Updated on August 14, 2012

There are not many varieties as far as men’s fashion designing is concerned, particularly in the jewelry section. Probably the reason why when something new turns up, it arouses new interest and excitement. Carbon fiber jewelry is one such interesting material.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is not an entirely new concept. Carbon Fiber is not a metal but a reinforcing composite that is light weight and extremely strong. It is twice as stiff as titanium yet three times lighter. Carbon Fiber is used in various fields including military test planes, formula 1 racing, telescopes, bicycles and jet airplanes.

Carbon fiber is made using Poly-Acrylo-Nitrile (PAN). PAN is converted to carbon fibers through four steps - Oxidation, Carbonization or Graphitization, Surface treatment, & Sizing. During oxidation the white polymer changes colors from white to brown, eventually become black. During Carbonization the heated material (fibers) becomes nearly 100% carbon. Surface treatment builds small chemical bonds on the surface which makes for better cohesion. The material is finally coated with an epoxy layer to prevent further processing.

Carbon Fiber Jewelry

Carbon fiber as been a part of the men’s jewelry section for sometime now, being used in the face of watches and as pendant inserts. A purely Carbon Fiber men’s jewelry was first produced in 2004. Still being in its nascent stage, the cost of producing pure Carbon Fiber men’s jewelry is quite expensive. Increasing popularity and sales should bring down the production costs in the future.

Carbon fiber men’s jewelry is exclusive and original in design and style. It is normally sold through select jewelry shops. Carbon Fiber jewelry will set you apart from the crowd. The fact that you are wearing an element that NASA scientists use to see the stars (Hubble telescope) will only heighten your social status.

Carbon fiber is created with great scientific research and precision and an epoxy coating is given over the final product. If exposed to sunlight over a period of time, the epoxy coating may fade. Apart from this, carbon fiber jewelry is absolutely maintenance free. Mild soap and water is all that is required to clean it. Style-wise, Carbon Fiber has a wide range of bracelets, rings, wedding bands, pendants and pens to choose from. Being a new entrant into the fashion field, designers are coming up with newer and more versatile designs in this material. Carbon Fiber Men’s jewelry is available in many styles, colors and finishes and can be custom made to fit your wrist or finger. In fact if you are a designer yourself, many shops would be willing to do the jewelry of your design.

Men’s Jewelry Range

Carbon fiber bracelets are available at a starting price of around $50 while a pen may starts at around $10. Carbon Fiber Matte finish ring will be available at $20 -$100. Carbon fiber jewelry is sometimes designed incorporating other materials like stainless steel and titanium. A men’s wedding band made of Stainless steel and carbon fiber would cost $30 - $50 and a Cross Pendant made of Titanium and Carbon Fiber would cost around $40.


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