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Care for and rejuvenate the appearance of your face

Updated on August 26, 2017
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Em is a traveller, usually travelling on a shoestring, She has been exposed to many catastrophes! She also likes to do mental exploration.

Stay Young and Beautiful!

Keep calm and drink water.
Keep calm and drink water. | Source

Look Better Instantly!

What is the first thing we turn to when we want to improve our facial appearance? Why the make up box of course. But it is important to do our make up well and to this end we should never stint on the tools of our trade. Naturally we will stock up on pots and potions and powders, but to my mind, the most important make up accessory is a great set of brushes.

The Most Important Tool is a Great Set of Brushes

This aspect of the make up kit is sometimes underestimated.
This aspect of the make up kit is sometimes underestimated.

Step by Step Facial Improvement

It is important to be able to look in the mirror with confidence and we can all sympathize with a person who decides to go "under the knife" just to avoid that sinking feeling they experience every day when they have to face themselves in the looking-glass.

But wait! Surgery usually leads to more and wider reaching subsequent surgery. You should be sure you have done everything possible before you take that irreversible step.

How do you care for your face?

Do you always drink plenty of water to plump out the supportive connective tissues just under your facial skin? This is so easy. Drink plenty of water every day.

You can also try facial exercises to re-elasticize those supportive tissues. Sagging neck muscles will tighten if you regularly walk around with a heavy weight on your head.

You should be using face masks regularly for their lifting and tightening effect. Regular cleansing following by moisturizing should be part of your daily routine. Use a toner after moisturizing. Many omit this step, but it will smooth out imperfections and give a generally firmer effect.

And what about those eyes?

Sleep is important here. Get as much as your body asks you for, even if it is nine or ten hours a night.

Getting Started

Start your anti-aging treatment by applying vitamin E oil to the area around your eyes. Buy vitamin E capsules from a pharmacist or health food store. By all means swallow a few, this will rejuvenate you from the inside, but save some to burst and apply around the eye area.

Now we come to the mouth.

A really useful thing to practise is what I call smiling on the inside. That sounds like a contradiction until you to try it. I do urge you try it. It gives you a warm and attractive expression even when you are not actually smiling. Moisturize your mouth, just as you do the rest of your face and blow kisses at yourself in the mirror whenever you can. This "mouth yoga" could get rid of tiny lines and give your mouth a plumper appearance.

A word about your nose.

This must be the most surgically altered item on the nation's face! However you really should err on the side of caution, since people often seem to regret having had drastic surgery on their nose. The glamour model Jordan, also known as Katie Price, has had extensive surgery on her face, but she says that the one thing she would really like to have back is her old nose.

I know of no nose-sculpting exercises I can recommend. (Do you?)

So we are thrown back on make-up tricks to alter the appearance of the nose. The main rule of thumb (or nose!), is to wear darker make-up on your nose than you have on the rest of your face if you wish to minimize your nose. If you feel your nose is too small, then use lighter make-up on your nose.

It is worth spending the time to make-up your nose, as our nose and ears continue to grow as we age, so the size of your nose may be one of the little tell-tale signs that people pick up about you when they are subconsciously deciding in which age bracket to place you.

When deciding to rejuvenate and care for the appearance of their face, people usually think exclusively in terms of creams, oils and exercise - things that they can physically apply to their features. You should not neglect the huge part that your disposition plays in the way your face turns out. Who was it that said that, as you get older, you get the face that you deserve?

Therefore, work on your inner beauty. Meditate and practice disciplines that calm the mind and heal the heart. You have only to observe the the unwrinkled countenance of a few Buddhist monks or Catholic nuns to see the wisdom of this advice!


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