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Cartier Fashion/Lifestyle Sunglasses Review: Polarized, Aviator, Panthere, Santos, C-Decor

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Sunglasses

Cartier offer several models of casual and dressy sunglasses, categorized according to Santos, Panthere (both of which appear in watches and jewelry as well) and C-Decor collections. The spectacles feature three main material types, composite, metal, and horn, and feature differently colored lenses – brown, green, grey, burgundy (purplish tone), blue, beige, and other. Only several variations come polarized – Cartier evidently pay more attention to aesthetic than to technology (unlike Oakley, for instance).

Both Santos and Panthere set trends by introducing unusual shapes (a rare occurrence in contemporary sunwear industry): Santos opts for diamond orbitals, fixed at an angle to give them a slightly weighted, decentered look; Panthere goes even further, abandoning the rectangular form in favor of the triangle. While the more tamed Panthere sunglasses approach classic tea shades design, most seem to really enjoy ignoring the norms of balance and what is accepted as aesthetically beautiful for the face – here, unlike in Santos, the weight is concentrated towards the center, particularly the bridge.

Cartier Sunglasses
Cartier Sunglasses


There are however, a few classically designed spectacles as well. Several C décor models remind of Ray Ban Wayfarer, while the large bug-eye rimmed spectacles echo Ray Ban Jackie Ohh, and similar Prada and Armani layouts.

Even separate Santos frames can be viewed as toned down Predator, or a variation of Oakley Wire or Whisker. Perhaps the most familiar shape in Cartier's shades inventory is the Aviator (also Santos), duly declared as such on the official website – instantly recognizable contours that reach back to Ray Ban Aviator and Outdoorsman.

Overall, Cartier selection of sunglasses is relatively small when compared to such brands as Ray Ban, or even major fashion houses of Prada or Versace.

Clearly sunwear is not the company's primary (or even secondary) focus – yet it still manufactures several dedicated models for brand fans, and for people who favor the adventurous.


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