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Cartier Gold, Diamond, Engagement Ring Jewelry Review: Leve, Trinity, Panthere, Logo,

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Rings

Rings form Cartier's biggest jewelry department: it's the segment in which the company and its designers invested everything they have to offer, including creativity, artistry, craftsmanship, and a lot of precise and painstaking work. Indeed, Cartier most loyal customers, as well as the brand itself, wouldn't have it any other other way – luxury of this level, the top level, must be on friendly terms with perfection.


Arguably the most iconic and recognizable Cartier ring, it features a simple hoop, made of platinum or white, yellow or pink gold, and which carries on its surface various accents: screw-like formations, diamonds, sapphires, semi-precious stones, engraved Leve logo, and others. The accents essentially dominate the visual platform, creating a source of entertainment by their seemingly random distribution. The straightforward design emits antique undertones, and lends the ring an interesting historical quality.

Cartier Leve Ring
Cartier Leve Ring


Nearly a complete opposite of the subtly austere Leve, Trinity collection includes rings that vivaciously combine and interweave several rings (tri-color) and hoops, usually in a playfully chaotic, irregular fashion. Each piece radiates a sense of gleeful unpredictability and fun – it's the fun side of Cartier – though a few models opt for a decidedly formal layout, as if to offset the general Trinity trend (and offer a more reserved alternative).


The Panthere that reared it's pretty head in several ladies watches makes a major appearance in the rings department. Panthere bands may look like miniature bangle bracelets, more aggressive teeth baring, or even leaping jewelry pieces; the main decorative element remains the large cat's features. Exotic, twining designs (mostly gold and diamonds) dictate the spirit of this collection – paying tribute to panther's home jungle.

Logo de Cartier

Logo rings display the classic double “C” logo either etched on their outer surface, or incorporated into the band architecturally. Several Hearts variations simultaneously function as Logo items, essentially combining characteristics from several lines. These generally eclectic patterns, occasionally feature a buckle-type metal-work.

Caresse d'orchidees

Orchid collection evokes some of Cartier's flora inspired watches: a flower in full bloom occupies the center of the piece, effectively becoming a complimentary miniature finger brooch. The supporting band is usually a thin gold ring; d'orchidees exhibit diamonds, onyx, tourmaline, garnet, rubies, sapphires, and other precious and semi-precious stones. Brings to mind Chanel Camellia.

Engagement Rings

Cartier offer several dozens engagement rings, avant-guard or classically designed. A large diamond, in some models surrounded by smaller ones, set in platinum or gold, crowns the jewelry; most traditional creations project, as might be expected, a sense of timeless purity – some Tiffany's engagement rings emulate this particular quality.

The more adventurous pieces add a couple of relatively large accompanying stones, and several unexpected twines.


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