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Cartier Earrings Jewelry Review: Gold, Diamond, Pearl, Onyx, Amethyst

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Earrings

Several Cartier collections offer quite elaborate, two, or even tree-tiered pendant type earrings – but the majority of creations from this jewelry department opt for an accurate, compact design that's reminiscent of – and indeed, often matches – the brand's necklaces. Other categories comprise hoops, studs, long, and chandeliers.

Earrings are arguably the most interesting pieces when it comes to treatment of space: various knots and twines of precious metals leave gaps that compliment the bright and warm tones of the gold and diamonds. The light reflected by the stones escapes, little by little, into these little gaps, creating an effect of movement and action; for example, Secrets de Boudoir earrings construct a sort of labyrinth, the paths of which are made of gaps trapped within the golden walls.

Platinum earrings tend towards large forms, often floral-inspired, and usually combine with diamonds; displaying familiar botanical and celestial themes, these are among the quietest of Cartier designs, as perhaps might be expected from the kingly platinum.

Cartier Earrings Gold Diamonds
Cartier Earrings Gold Diamonds


Trinity offer Cartier's iconic tri-color combo of white, yellow, and pink gold – three rings that intertwine into one, hanging from a chain – a versatile layout that reappears in rings and pendants as well.

Delices, Inde, D'Orchidees

Three collections (joined by separate Du Dragon items) that deploy semi-precious stones, essentially painting the earrings with color, and lending them a straightforward visual variety that metal and precious stones cannot provide. Playful, whimsical designs.

Himalia, Agrafe

Pendant earrings that cleverly intersperse circle of gold with spheres of pearls, rubies, and onyx: an in-between configurations between the looser Panthere (read below) models and the long type studs.


Elongated designs, modern chandelier type, where the strands of gold descend freely (vertically) from the base – relying on the movement of the head for additional, subtle light and motions effects.

Quite adventurious with stones, incorporating emeralds, diamonds, onyx, rubies, and other materials. Classic spotted panther designs also make an appearance in this Cartier line.


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