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Cartier Ladies Jewelry/Fashion Watches Review: Panthere, Must 21, La Dona; Gold, Diamonds

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Jewelry Fashion

Cartier ladies jewelry and dressy watches represent the peak of high-end luxury design – across the entire industry, across several generations. Artistry and originality, unpredictable, fresh approach to form and precious stone setting – these qualities emerge as definitive in Cartier's jewelry timepieces. Resulting items stand out as unique creations that often subvert tradition and defy expectations; imbalance, sudden turns and movements, whimsical solutions become the norm rather than exception in such classic collections as Panthere, Must 21, La Dona, Leve, Ballerine, Libre, and others.

Several high-end watchmakers have a department that breaks the rules – interestingly, it's most often the ladies haute joaillerie segment – Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin, for instance contribute to this exquisite assortment. While very different in appearance, all of these pieces share an important trait: they constitute jewelry first, and time measuring instruments second – usually relying on reduced quartz movements.

Cartier Must 21 Watch
Cartier Must 21 Watch

Above mention Cartier lines feature yet another common element (in fact, a common element in all of the brand's watches): a set of prominent Roman numerals that evoke the classic roots of the entire unfolding aesthetic. Let's take a closer look:


Panther watches form a long-standing collection that accommodated throughout its existence a range of jewelry timepieces – square ones, reminiscent of various Tank models, and round ones, that bring to mind contemporary Pasha designs.

Today's Panthere division focuses on elaborately ornamented artistic pieces, titled Secret De Cartier: it's an unorthodox layout that incorporates several curved lines (set with diamonds), and a large cat head on top of the watch. Green Tourmaline eyes give this line a mischievous imprint.

Must 21

Cartier 21 Must exhibits a perfect, arena-shaped dial and bezel configuration, where the latter, unusually broad, carries the Roman indexes. This type of ruling immediately brings to mind the classic Corum Romulus and Omega Constellation. Coming mainly in steel or subtle two-tone variations, Must 21 indeed evokes something of the ancient Roman stoicism.

La Dona, Ballerine, Livre

True designer jewelry watches, these collections appear to enjoy breaking with familiar concepts, displaying shapes that seem in continuous, fluid motion; precious metals and stones serve Cartier in approaching notions of femininity as close as possible.

Here connoisseurs will trace an unmistakable yet elusive streak of cosmopolitan openness that's so characteristic of French aesthetic and spirit – none of the Swiss luxury brands previously mentioned can boast that particular quality, at least not to such extent.


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