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Cartier Leather, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Bracelet Jewelry Review: Identity, Leve, Trinity, Agrafe

Updated on January 10, 2015

Cartier Bracelets

Cartier's most surprising bracelet creations are not the classically built, ultra-elegant pieces that we have come to expect – it's the casual jewelry that incorporates leather, miniature identity plaques, and charms hanging on separate thin chains (essentially charm bracelets) that show the brand's less familiar side. Cartier confidently step into the more informal territory precisely because they feel so at ease in the high-end luxury sphere – it's a way to test the company's aesthetic resilience – and they pass the test, we suggest, irreproachably. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:


Leve bracelets encompass several categories: traditional pieces, in effect enlarged rings, made of yellow gold and carrying several single stones, set rhythmically on the band; more luxurious ones, paved with amethysts, blue or pink sapphires, or diamonds; cuff bracelets, featuring ceramic parts; and the above mentioned identity items (toile de moire), the buckle in which enables adjustment.

Cartier Bracelet
Cartier Bracelet


Several Trinity creations pick up the casual spirit of Leve leather and gold jewelry, and create an even more simplified, cotton cord based design: a fabric rope is knotted to a tri-color ring type piece, producing a kind of charm bracelet. Indeed, baby Trinity add thinner perpendicular chains from which descend ring-like charms. Other variations reproduce the tri-color design in a larger diameter, abandoning the fabric – this is a classic Cartier bracelet that commonly appears in the rings department.


Unlike the rings, which deployed the panther mainly as decorative elements, bracelets use the animal as connective part, letting the animal literally link one part of the bracelets with another. The graceful predators either lie as guardians, or appear to leap, giving a relatively quiet and a more aggressive theme interpretation. Gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, onyx, sapphires.

Agrafe, Santos

In Agrafe bracelets Cartier explore the familiar chain theme, introducing geometrical, rectangular, brick-like links – quite massive in appearance – balanced by a circular and oval, diamond set, clasp.

Santos models too employ the chain link as its main jewelry element, opting for a simpler lobster claw clasp. White and yellow gold.


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