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Cartier Necklace and Pendant Jewelry Review: Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Pearls

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Necklace

Cartier's affiliation with various royal houses, and its contribution to their jewelry collections, might lead one to expect to see heavy, massive golden chains play the main role in Cartier necklaces department. Yet precisely the opposite happens: such collections as Leve, Trinity, D'orchidees, which combined offer the majority of the brand's necklaces, opt, almost as if in concert, for delicate, thin chains, often complimented by matching pendants and jewelry arrangements.

The aesthetic reasoning becomes clear upon close examination of the pieces: Cartier prefer a more modern, flexible design to the orthodox approach, the thin chains, especially when combined into a nonchalant bundle, radiate light, contemporary elegance that prizes beauty and luxury – yet not at the expense of comfort.

Panthere, and occasionally Agrafe, provides an important classic, antique-inspired alternative, often putting on display all the unabashed luxury and richness that thick gold chain links can demonstrate.

Our favorite items are the playful Delices de Cartier: necklaces that incorporate floral elements by placing accents of semi-precious stones on strategic places – usually to draw attention to the neck, but sometimes below, to the chest.

Cartier Necklace
Cartier Necklace

Delices give the chains an additional decorative dimension while following the general guidelines of effortlessness and lacy metal work.


Pendants repeat familiar Leve, Trinity, Panthere and other collections themes, but present them in a fresh form or shape – sometime quite surprising in their independence.

Cartier try to touch different, previously unaffected facets of the human character and psychology with their pendants; brand designers exploit the pendant's unique placement near the heart, where the piece hangs loose like an earring would, descending from a chain, at once attached and unattached.

This psychological versatility and resilience allows Cartier to declare some of their rings as pendants as well – the company's selection reflects the emotional principles behind the designs.

In terms of geometry and shape, this is one of the brand's most varied departments: flat or three dimensional, rectangular or spherical, miniature or prominent (coulomb type), the pendants either determine or support existing atmosphere, and can be particularly eloquent about the wearer's mood.

Materials include white, yellow, or pink gold (including tri-color configurations), platinum, diamonds, colored stones (sapphires, rubies, tsavorite, amethyst, quartz), and pearls – a relatively rare element in Cartier's oeuvre. Spiritual variants include Fatima hands and crosses.


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