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Cartier Tank Francaise

Updated on March 26, 2012

Cariter Tank Francaise

For more than 100 years, Louis-François Cartier crafted luxurious jewelries and watches. Cartier was hailed by a Prince of Wales as the “Jeweller to Kings, King of Jewellers” and this must be for a reason which leads to the company’s legacy: refinement and finesse. The legacy lived on throughout the years thus the brand was considered perfect for the royalty. Precision and concise innovation of Cartier watches became well known worldwide.

The history of the Cartier watch started when he made a new watch creation in 1904. It was for his Brazilian aviator friend Alberto Santos-Dumont who complained about the hassles of having to look to his pocket watch while flying. As a distinctive jeweler Cartier may be, he then created a flat wristwatch uniquely designed for his aviator friend thus it was also named after him, “Santos”. The watch creation was so exceptional and was also the very first men’s wristwatch that it became a blast to the market only until 1911.

Another line of Cartier watch was created years after “Santos.” In 1917, Louis Cartier introduced his new line of creation named as “Tank Francaise.” The jeweler found inspiration from the commanders of Allied Tank who defended France during World War I. The watch’s bracelet was brilliantly inculcated into its case making the straps almost invisible and with added precision of round corners and flawless edges exuding an aura of timeless graciousness and comfort. Furthermore, the Tank watches usually have a blue hue, sword-shaped hands with silver dials. That said, the Tank Francaise became a popular line of Cartier watches for decades. Other modifications for this line were made over the years. An example of that would be those Tank watches with diamond embellishments. The current average Cartier price for this collection is around $6500 U.S. dollars. 

Another collection of Cartier watches is the “Cartier Pasha” or “Pasha de Cartier.” This line was launched in 1985. The main features of this watch is exceptionally admirable because it was made fro stainless steel both the bracelet and the case for one. Many believed that the collection was inspired from the name itself. Pasha was primarily defined as a respective title used for military and civil officers in Turkey and Northern Africa. Furthermore, it was of highest honorary title in the history of the Ottoman Empire making the Cartier watch collection as another regal and noble creation. Another modified line of the Cartier Pasha collection was called “Pasha C” in steel which was made in 1995.

The line of Cartier watch prices will definitely depend on the materials used, the model, the gold content and the longevity of the watch collection. The cheapest Cartier watch can be bought at around $500 and can reach as high as $100,000. 

Just to give one interesting detail about a Cartier watch, there is a special way of wearing the watch. Upon buying one, they will explain or demonstrate the way how it should be worn by the buyer. With a timeless piece like Cartier, one should consider that it’s worth the price.


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