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Casio Baby-G Analog Digital Watch Review: Jelly, Square, Sweet Poison,

Updated on January 9, 2015


Without a doubt, Baby-G is Casio's most fun oriented urban watch. It's also the only collection the Japanese brand developed especially for the ladies – though the variety and versatility of the selection compensates with surplus for the lack of more women's items (other Casio collection include separate ladies models).

Baby-G watches stand out as particularly colorful. Color plays a chief role in both design and projecting mood; hues such as bright or soft pink, white, yellow, purple, blue, red, orange, accompanied by standard gray and black that help create visual balance – they all define the spirit of the timers as bubbly, gregarious, and joyful. Baby-G doesn't apologize for its fun seeking nature, rather it asserts it with confidence and charm.

Both analog and digital dials display the time. The designers sought to make the act of time reading as simple and straightforward as possible, thereby often making the digits extra large, and incorporating big Arabic numerals – a rare vision in the usually space-tight Casio.

Casio Baby-G Blue Watch
Casio Baby-G Blue Watch

World Time

Baby-G world time watches vary dramatically in design – fashion Sweet Poison collection includes one, as well as the more quiet solar powered pieces. Digital and Ana-Digi models exist, some reminiscent of Fossil and Nixon fashion watch design.


Jelly Baby-G comprise translucent parts and softly colored cases (pastel pink, blue, purple, and other), and a cloth band. A pair of guard bars protect the watch, especially the LCD screen, from damage.


Dance watches present a rectangular, slightly sullen looking watch that nevertheless projects a strong, independent personality. The four decorative screws at the case corners create a somewhat hypnotic rhythmic visual pattern.


Like the title says, this is a square shaped Baby-G watch – but that is not all. The dial is delineated into fours parts – four more squares, one showing the date, another the day of the week, and yet another the alarm and other functions. The lower right square was designated for the Casio/Baby-G logo.


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