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Casio Classic Men's, Ladies Watches Review: Casual, Analog, Digital

Updated on January 9, 2015

Casio Classic

Casio Classic collection consists of mostly rectangular digital watches shaped and designed according to the brand's vintage lines: clean, simple dials, a few basic functions, and a lot of retro chique. Official press releases humorously describe many of these timers as embodying the “KISS” theory – “keep it simple and stupid.” It's important to remember, however, that the distinct eighties look was all the rage – as well as the technological peak – during the penultimate decade of the 20th century.

Round and analog classic pieces explore a different path, one parallel with several Dress and Wave Ceptor models: neutrally painted faces, indexes instead of numerals, project a casual, sleek look. Ana-Digi variation combine traditional dial design with a digital strip displaying several calendar and alarm functions (another classic 80s configuration).

Casio Classic Black Casual Watch
Casio Classic Black Casual Watch


Ladies classic watches comprise all of the above mentioned lines, usually executed in smaller proportions and featuring at least one element of color. White, beige and light blue are common tones, though characteristic black still plays the main part.

LQ series is particularly notable for circumventing altogether sports oriented traits so common in Casio timepieces. It's a completely casual watch, but it surprises with the vulnerable looking lugs. Closer inspection reveals that in fact these lugs continue from the case as they would in any formally/casually designed timepiece – such brand as Movado comes to mind – but in the context of Casio's ruggedness, this aesthetic appears unusually fragile.


Gents watches include various sports and diving specs, but overall strive to present the iconic “Black Casual” facade. These are among the company's most experimental creations, trying new things both in terms of shape (elongated rectangles, tonneau), dial arrangement, and case&band structure.

Functions include auto calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and micro-light; some of the items resist water up to 200 meters. Minimal electronic load enables for a prolonged battery life: up to 10 years.


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