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Casio Data Bank Watch Review: Calculator, Multi-Lingual, Remote

Updated on January 9, 2015

Casio Databank

Casio Databank watches can be considered a specialized department of the brand's Classic Collection: just like the timers in it, first wrist calculators that can measure time also appeared in the eighties – and the world hasn't been the same ever since.

Databank collection offers two basic kinds of watches: ones that contain a multi-lingual function which translates calendar data into over a dozen languages, and the classic calculator, with an extended case incorporating a miniature number keypad below the LCD screen. The former type is round, while the latter is rectangular (square). I once owned such a watch.

Later models focused on such universal features as an infrared remote control that can be programmed to operate various electronic appliances – the official website mentions stereo systems and DVD as an example. Standard utility package includes a stopwatch with a 1/100 second precision, a daily alarm, and an automatic calendar.

Casio Databank Calculator Green Watch
Casio Databank Calculator Green Watch


Speaking from experience, wrist calculators can be difficult to operate – having small hands and delicate fingers helps (which is why the watch is especially popular with kids) – but after some time owners usually find a way that's both fast and safe.

Functions include addition, subtraction, and multiplication and division; 8 digits and a memory. Recent variation feature various memory protection abilities, and world time.

Remote Control

The remote control function requires the addition of a special module (which looks somewhat like a launch pad on a space station) that features a red power button. While usually this utility requires programming, it sometimes will control random instruments, adding to the watch an element of unpredictability and fun.


Multi-lingual Databank watches are uncharacteristic in that they lack the trademark calculator – Casio equipped these models with a linguistic rather than arithmetic capacity.

This change results in a notably modern look – the cases appear sleeker and much more aerodynamic – and in a substantial increase in battery life.


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