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Casio Edifice Chronograph Watch Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Edifice Chrono

Casio Edifice chronographs present analog dials -- a step aside from the digital screens of G-Shock -- and harbor battery powered movements; overall outward appearance is very similar to automatic mechanical watches.

Design consists of clean lines, manifested in restrained, assured cases, round or rectangular, and stable one or two-tone color schemes, expressed most saliently around the dial area. Interestingly, chronographs eschew the complex hardened look of the Gold Label, opting instead for quieter, calmly elegant configurations.

In terms of materials, this Edifice division goes in line with the versatility and flexibility of its Analog/Digital kin: various alloys, including steel, ion plating, and leather. Generally, materials play a more than supporting role in the overall aesthetic.

While case and band design remain fairly restrained, the complicated functions create their own microcosm within the boundaries of the dials. The subdials, the multiple rings of indexes and marker create a busy grid that may take some time getting accustomed to. There could be even some flashy Invicta echoes here and there.

Casio Edifice Gold Label Watch
Casio Edifice Gold Label Watch
  • EF-500 Series offers a straightforward chronograph watch with a regular (digital, not LCD screen) date display between 4 and 5 o'clock. The face shows a classic, symmetric design where the subdials spread to form a reversed triangle, above which the logo and the large Arabic 12 arise.

  • EF-509 Series: a rectangular, elegant/formal timepiece appropriate for evening or business occasion wear. It's masculine and sleek, but not too much, implying discretion and cool headedness. A surprising watch from Casio.

  • EF-537 Series: here the designers clustered all of the subdials on the left side of the face, producing highly unbalanced, experimental look. In order to avoid confusion, the central ring is painted in an opposite color from the top and the bottom one. (This composition has much more going for it than might appear at the first glance: the dial hosts a strong focal point that makes time reading easy).

  • EF-513 Series presents aerodynamic, metallic pieces that show time on a surface reminiscent of a racing car panel. This, of course, is not accidental, as Edifice watches in general can be categorized as Casio's motor racing collection.


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