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Casio Edifice Watches Review: Analog, Digital, Gold Label

Updated on January 9, 2015

Casio Edifice watches comprise a master collection that includes most of the brand's latest technologies packaged into hi-tech, sleek design. Edifice differs significantly from G-Shocks, Pathfinders, and most WaveCeptors – it strives to display elegance and incorporate as many useful functions as possible – ruggedness and shock resistance become secondary. These characteristics elevate Edifice watches to a more luxurious class, and render them as competitors to several Invicta models, as well as the daughter brand Oceanus and Seiko Spring Drive.

Besides standard resin, this collection employs such specialized materials and amalgams as carbon fiber, various metal alloys, including steel, leather, ion plating and more. In a way, Edifice compensates for the reduction of trademark bulky shock absorption by adding coatings of high-end, high-grade materials that also provide protection for the timers in extreme condition. This inevitably reflects on the price – and the company indeed declares the watches, in particular such lines as the Gold Label, as “upper class.”

Casio Edifice Analog Watch
Casio Edifice Analog Watch


Edifice Analog Digital watches demonstrate where the experiments Casio were making in ana-digi dial design can lead to if performed boldly and aggressively. While various Wave Ceptor timepieces incorporated digital windows into analog backgrounds in one way or another, here the backdrop morphs into a completely digital LCD screen; on this screen a mounted pair of hour and minutes hands continues to move and show time in familiar traditional fashion.

This timer contains all the benefits of modern electronic technology, wrapped in a traditional analog package. One of Casio's most consummate designs and impressive achievements overall.

Gold Label

The creators of Gold Label Edifice watches borrowed design ideas from Audemars Piguet (the decorative screws), and filtered them through a unique Japanese aesthetic mindset. This is something of a Samurai timepiece: big and very powerful, it's also self-sustained and fiercely independent.

Its two tone golden-black or gray-block color patterns act as an advertisement and amplifier of these qualities rather than mere embellishment. At least in terms of visual appearance, Gold Label takes place among Casio's most accomplished creations.


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