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Casio G-Shock Crazy Colors Watch Review: White, Black, Pink, Purple

Updated on January 9, 2015

G-Shock colors

Casio G-Shock is a vast collection that offers watches for a wide range of tastes and purposes. In our reviews of such models as Riseman, Mudman, or solar atomic or tough solar watches, we focused mostly on the functionality and the durability factor. The sprightly colored collection also known as “Crazy Color” reveals G-Shock's, as well as Casio's fashion and casually playful side.

The company claims that such color collections, featuring classic round or square case design, are among its most popular and best selling. Though this might appear strange to hardened athletes and sports persons it actually makes perfect sense: most young adults (the chief clientèle) don't participate in extreme active sports, but will still fall from the bike or the skateboard; most spend a lot of their time in the city, where fashion awareness play an important part in social politics.

G-Shock Crazy Colors addresses both of these issues by keeping the tough, rugged, shock resistant band and case on the one hand, and by painting it with eyecatching white, green, pink, purple, and other tones.

Casio G-Shock Purple Color Watch
Casio G-Shock Purple Color Watch

DW6900 Series

This is a classic G-Shock line that habitually incorporates color. The band, the case protective ring, and the dial itself feature expressive combinations of it, usually the brighter the better. Sample blends include white&blue, black&green, red&purple, and others; usually the darker hue decorates the outer parts of the watch, while the lighter ones embellish the LCD screens.

Though later models come equipped with solar power, most watches still rely on a regular two-year lasting battery. A relatively limited range of functions – stopwatch, alarm, and calendar – also hint at this watch's urban-fashion rather than outdoors audience.

Vivid Color Ana-Digi

Another fun oriented collection, strongly colored line with even simpler design: an extra fat, intentionally clumsy-like bezel reminiscent of a cloud; the movement combines hands with digital display – a classic Ana-Digi combo that offers a less formal alternative to Fossil Ana-Digi watches.


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