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Casio G-Shock Frogman and Riseman Watches Review

Updated on January 5, 2015

Casio G-Shock

Casio shrewdly exploit the availability of digital engineering and watchmaking – unlike high-end mechanical watches and complications, electronic parts can be relatively easily manufactured on a mass industrial scale – and create a strong competition within its own collections. Hence, G-shock Frogman emulates Casio's Waveceptor, while G-Shock Riseman offers and alternative to the brand's Pathfinder watches.

The point of both Frogman and Riseman is that they retain the unique shock resistant qualities that become less prominent in the other collections. These are essentially G-Shock watches with functionalities that make them effective diver or traveler's timers; the competition focuses on functions first and foremost, and durability follows (closely after).

Most notably, neither Pathfinder nor Waveceptor feature the uniquely thick, puffed and rugged bezels that protect their counterparts' smaller and tighter digital screens from harm. Both title lines incorporate tough solar power, while only the former also carries atomic clock calibration utility.

Casio Riseman G-Shock Watch
Casio Riseman G-Shock Watch


Frogman must be among Casio's most function loaded watches. Besides mentioned included technologies, this line comprises various diver's related properties: surface interval measurement and tide graph to mention two.

An important spec of this watch is the relatively quickly elapsing battery time if not given the opportunity to recharge – less than a year (8 months of full charging according to the official website). The elaborate electronics take their tall on the power source, and require the owner to pay close attention to the battery.


A smaller and less aggressive looking G-Shock watch, Riseman nevertheless encases a host of complex sensors we don't expect to find in a wrist timepiece. These sensors absorb and process information about altitude, barometric pressure and temperature, providing the wearer with a vivid “bigger picture” of his surroundings.

In extremely harsh conditions, this timer can prove to be an invaluable instrument, as it allows not only to assess current conditions, but also predict upcoming ones. One of Casio's most versatile watches.


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