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Casio G-Shock Mudman Watch Review: G9000, G9000MX, GW9000, others

Updated on February 21, 2012

G-Shock Mudman

Mudman watches confirm Casio's capacity to focus its engineering resources and industrial precision onto a single, highly specialized line of products.

In the case of this G-Shock line, the sphere of specialization becomes the extreme sport of motocross – this is where motorcycle riders perform somersaults during the race, where mud and dust fly like snow, and where a shock resistant, reliable watch emerges as an indispensable time measuring tool.

The Mudman features a classic G-Shock look – a lot of protective plastic and resin around the case and the push buttons, and a digital screen ensconced deep within the safety crater.

Bright red and blue colors of the G9000MX-2 and G9000MX-4 models render the timer visible even through a coating of mud. Not all watches contain the latest Atomic timekeeping and tough solar battery systems: several models contain stopwatches and elapsed time functions instead, utilities suitable especially for racing purposes.

Casio G-Shock Mudman Red Watch
Casio G-Shock Mudman Red Watch


G9000MX series contain an elaborate chronograph function: two separate stopwatches that can measure time (besides the above mentioned elapsed time option) by "splitting" it, via an auto-start, auto-repeat, Rally Mode, and by a countdown utility. Measuring units of one second, minute or hour allow for a flexible manipulation and planning.

Additional features include world time, several alarms, and full automatic calendar (essentially the perpetual calendar complication in automatic mechanical watches).

Mud Resistant

Mudman watches resist shocks, mud and dust by relying on an infrastructure of materials, digital specs, and specialized design.

The flexible plastic and resin that envelop the case will absorb and disperse sudden increases of energy from the LCD screen; the backlights and the afterglow will make time reading possible not only in the dark, but also during daylight, albeit when the screen is covered with a layer of dust.

By drawing ideas from such previous models as DW5600MS-1 & DW6900MS-1, Casio Mudman becomes a mature design and creates a strong inner competition with G-Shock Frogman, as well as other similarly built collections.


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