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Casio Men's and Ladies Dress Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Casio Dress

In a way, Casio Dress is the brand's most “un-Casio” like collection. Manufacturing generally casual and formal watches is not the aim of this brand; still, every self-respecting watchmaker must demonstrate versatility by producing pieces that are out of its usual range. Surprisingly, Dress watches reveal that Casio stood up to the task.

This collection can be roughly divided into two major categories: casual and formal/dressy. Casual watches retain at least one prominent “tough” characteristic – it can be the rugged bezel of the G-Shock, the complex dial organization of the Pathfinder, and so on. Formal and dressy watches open up a new aesthetic plane, and here the designers borrowed from familiar iconic configurations pioneered by Movado, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, and Tag Heuer.

Casio Dress Watch
Casio Dress Watch

LTP Series

Offers differently shaped watches (round, square, rectangular, tonneau) with analog movements, and a notably restrained palette, matted blue, gray, and black being the most common colors. The official site declares that these are ladies watches, but we believe that they can suit men as well: the neutral colors and the clear, straightforward design can be appropriately described as unisex.

MTP Series

If LTP offers ladies, or unisex timers, this collection clearly veers towards the masculine. Ana-Digi movements and bulky cases allude to G-Shock (this is in a way a “civilized” G-Shock); the main and most obvious difference lies in the unusually calm dials – almost bare when compared to even the most restrained Frogmans or Giez. One particular model hosts a chronograph function.

EFA Series

Resembling in contours the iconic Tag Heuer Monaco, these watches contain digital and analog movements, pragmatically arranged on the spacious square dial, and incorporating a set of traveler's functions: alarms, several time zones, world time, stopwatch, and even a thermometer.

This watch forms a link with Casio Databank timers, and projects a curious, nerd type (in a good way) assertion.


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