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Casio Solar Atomic Watch Review: G-Shock, Pathfinder, Waveceptor

Updated on January 9, 2015

Casio Solar Atomic

By combining solar battery system with atomic clock calibrating Casio set an ambitious course to create a watch that will function always, everywhere. This uncompromising attitude is characteristic of athletes, extreme sports people and travelers – all of who must push themselves to the limits of their ability in order to achieve success – and many G-shock, Pathfinder, Waveceptor, and other Casio watches indeed display this toughness visually, by means of design, as well as internally.

Distinct shock absorbers spread across the perimeter of the case, aiming to protect the push buttons, the screen, and the entire mechanism; the thick bezels remind of car airbag – one that are constantly filled in order to keep the timepieces safe. Resulting is the unmistakable rugged Casio look.

Depending on the collection, each watch contains a set of specific professional oriented utilities: Waveceptor watches offer extra sharp chronograph functions, Pathfinders include relatively esoteric weather sensors, while G-Shock provides a more generalist, well-rounded digital inventory.

Casio Solar Atomic G-Shock
Casio Solar Atomic G-Shock

G-Shock GIEZ

GIEZ differs from its Frogman and Riseman counterparts by incorporating analog movement instead of the standard digital, and opting for a more sleek, aerodynamic aesthetic. The multi-layered dials design and the powerful resin-stainless steel case (which contains the solar atomic feature) makes G-Shock GIEZ a luxury item of its category.

Pathfinder PAW1300, PAW1500 series

Traveler's watches that reduce the need for multiple instruments such as a compass and a barometer by packaging them all – in digital form – into one lightweight, water resistant timer. Later PAW lines experiment with the design, offering slimmer and ultra-light models.


Waveceptor dive watches were Casio's hallmark timers intended for water sports professionals before Atomic and Solar technologies became widespread. The addition of the latter made waveceptors more resilient and extended it scope beyond strictly aquatic.

Casio often opt for ana-digi combination in this collection, evident in WVA320 and WVA470 series in particular.


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