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Casio men's pathfinder slim solar atomic watch paw1300b 4

Updated on March 26, 2012

Casio men's pathfinder slim solar atomic watch paw1300b 4

One of the well known brands that constantly come up with innovative products is Casio. One of their newer time pieces is the Casio Men’s Pathfinder Watch PAW1300B4. It is an all-in-one personal gadget with all its amazing functions and features that makes this watch a necessity and never a luxury.

It is a digital atomic watch with its multi-band atomic timekeeping feature. With this advanced feature, there is no need to adjust the date. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have come up with atomic watches using very precise and accurate cesium and hydrogen atom clocks. The United States Naval observatory then synchronizes the time around the world based on the earth’s rotation which is broadcasted thru short radio waves from the station and these waves are caught by the digital atomic watch which automatically adjusts its time and provides accuracy up to divisions of seconds. The Casio Men’s Pathfinder Watch PAW1300B4 is one of the solar atomic watches available from this brand. Casio and Timex atomic watches are out in the market today for those who want the latest technology and accurate timing.

Other than the assurance of accurate time without having to set it yourself, this watch has a lot of other features that are most helpful to the outdoorsman. You need not bring too many gadgets as there are many features available in the Casio watch. It has a built-in digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer.  Many users have said that these features make it seem like you have a weather station built into your Casio watch.

The watch has time conversion for 29 time zones or 30 cities including your local time.  It may be used as both a countdown timer and a countdown alarm. And for those who are strictly following schedules, you will welcome the 5 daily alarms that you can set to remember the more crucial events for the day. The built-in calendar pre-programmed until 2099 will come in really handy for all the dates that you need to remember.

Equipped with EL-backlight with afterglow, you can easily read the watch display regardless of the light condition.  Casio watches are built to be highly water resistant and this watch has a resistance of up to 100 meters deep.

The beauty of this watch is that it is solar powered meaning that you do not need to worry about changing its battery.  A little exposure to the sun now and then will charge the watch.  If charged directly by light, you will have 150 days of continuous usage.

Some issues about the watch though is that they are quite bulky.  Another issue is the plastic resin band that is stiff and thick and will be uncomfortable after using it for awhile. The price tag is quite high at a little more than $200.

Casio has a history of making watches that are functional, dependable and suitable for rugged activities. The highly sophisticated Casio Protrek, the atomic timekeeper solar-powered Casio Waveceptor are just a few of the watches featuring the latest technology. The Casio Men’s Pathfinder Watch PAW1300B4 would truly be very helpful for outdoors people.


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