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Casual Goth

Updated on March 29, 2016

Style Summary

The casual goth style is simple but eccentric. Creating a casual goth wardrobe would require, but is not limited to, plain black tops and bottoms with black shoes and / or boots.

Casual goth works for anyone, at any time. It is especially helpful for those who are always on the go and want to dress how they want. This can be as simple as wearing a pair of dark jeans and a t shirt with black shoes to wearing a mini skirt and a more form fitting shirt.

The key point of casual goth is for the style to be easy and comfortable.

Of course, how one dresses is hoe they prefer to look, so even casual goth is not meant to look the same for each person.


Elements to Casual Goth

Staple items in your wardrobe such as:

  • Black and dark colored shirts and bottoms
  • A pair of boots or other fitting shoe such as a cute flat or Converse
  • Black jackets / hoodies / sweaters

Accessories for this casual look could be arm-warmers, tights, gloves, studded belts, chains, or a bag. There are plenty striped, studded, laced, and torn accessories out in the world to add more flair to this simple dark look.

Hair and makeup tend to be left either untouched or lightly styled. A simple eyeliner and mascara look works wonders for this style, even add a dark lip to go the extra step. For hair, simply putting it up, braiding, or straightening it can make your ensemble look more ready and polished.

Makeup example
Makeup example | Source
Hair example
Hair example | Source

Aspects to Avoid

To avoid looking too 'mall goth', try to not pair too many brand name pieces together as the outfit will end up looking less personalized.

With casual apparel like this style, over-doing the hair and makeup will look odd together but if you focus on either the hair or makeup, this look can work.

To avoid outfit malfunctions, make sure to build your wardrobe to how your life runs. If you are constantly driving and you do not want to constantly fidget with a skirt, go with jeans or leggings. If you need to look nice for company most of the time, a nice skirt / slacks and blazer is casual yet sleek.


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