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Catsuit - fun and sexy

Updated on August 11, 2011

I love catsuits. I love wearing them and they look great on anyone who has a half-way normal figure. This goes for men as well as women.

Catsuits are like bodystockings really. The only real difference is that bodystockings come more from the lingerie department while catsuits can and often are worn without anything else. They are made of thicker, heavier material that is more durable. Because of this, shopping for them can be a little more tricky than with bodystockings because they're not always as stretchy and 'forgiving' when it comes to size and fit. Sometimes they're made of non stretchy materials which makes fitting an adventure in itself. Other than that, catsuits are the same as bodystockings, tight fitting and totally revealing of the shape of your body - which makes me feel better on some days than others.

Image by Adrian Fuchs at:
Image by Adrian Fuchs at:

Shopping for Catsuits

I would definitely check out various online stores for catsuits. They have a huge selection and the prices are also often quite good. Even if you want to buy them in a clothes shop, you'll have a much better idea of what's out there from surfing the web and you'll be able to get a good picture of the typical prices for the kind of catsuit that you want.

As for ordering them online, finding the right sizes could be a problem as I mentioned above. If they're really stretchy like tights then it should be no problem finding the right size. But if they're made of something like leather or cotton then there is little leeway for going wrong. This is where real life clothes shops come in handy. And you sometimes get to try them on which is much more fun anyway. I say sometimes because they're often sold wrapped like underwear and can't be tried on.

So I suggest looking in both places, online as well as offline before ordering. I've made the mistake of not doing that more than once and found out that I could have gotten the exact same thing for a fraction of the price had I looked online before just buying off the shelf. It's hard to not buy something you really like if you see it in a shop.

Catsuits for Men

Catsuits are often seen as a female garment but that is really silly. They bring out your physique. If you have a male body, they will make you look MORE masculine, not less. I think, catsuits are awesome on men if they have a halfway good physique. Not a bodybuilder's physique but more like that of a dancer. If you have a physique like that or even only a little like it, it's such a shame to hide it under loose fitting clothes. Wear a catsuit and show us why the male body is so much more beautiful than the female body. And yes, I mean beautiful.

If you look online for mens catsuits you'll find there are a number of shops that sell them. They can also be very practical except that they won't have pockets. And beware of panty lines. Seriously, I know you might be averse to wearing thongs or panties but panty lines are so so bad. Avoid them at all cost.

Catsuits and High Heels

Nothing complements the catsuit better than some seriously towering high heels. They will make the whole outfit look extremely feminine so they're a must if that's what you're after. I wrote more about the magical effect of femininity that wearing high heels can have on men. Check out these articles: High Heels for Men and Men Wearing High Heels and Walk in Her Shoes for more information on that.

Catsuits feel great to wear

Of course, you can't wear a catsuit everywhere, but when you do (for example in a yoga class or when working out), they're great. They feel great because they make you feel slim(mer) and more athletic and altogether more aware of your body in a positive way (that is, unless you couldn't close it today when you could last week ^^). So I find catsuits even subtly encourage me to work out and we all know that motivation is the hardest part anyway.

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    • profile image

      Richard R. Richmond 

      6 years ago

      I love catsuits for men. I've owned lots of them for snorkling in the bays, or lakes around my areas in northern Michigan.

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I have a few catsuits. love them. Just Love them

      One i had made custom as an under layer but the other two are shiny lycra dive suits.


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