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Celebrating Earth Day: Wear Fashionable Animal Print Tote Bags and Handbags

Updated on October 15, 2015

Earth Day is celebrated around the world every 22nd of April. This celebration is to support environmental protection, and over 192 countries are involved in this event every year, which is coordinated by Earth Day Network.

It was first celebrated in 1970.

Earth Day celebration has inspired the creation of Endangered Species Protection, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Environmental Protection

In celebrating this meaningful event, people contribute something, in any kind, for the worthy cause. Big events, such as festivals and rallies, are held worldwide, all weekends in the whole month of April. Some people donate to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Others wear native clothes, or don something that is natural, for example, leaves.

Here in this hub, I thought of another way in celebrating Earth Day event— lugging fashionable wildlife-print tote bags or handbags. In fact, this serves a dual purpose—displaying your fashion taste and at the same time supporting to the worthy cause. If you buy the tote bags mentioned below, a small portion of the proceeds will be used to donate to the cause supported by the manufacturer. The cause is to preserve wildlife.

above-1 wildlife print soft quilted tote bag;  below- 2 free zipper closured matching cosmetic cases
above-1 wildlife print soft quilted tote bag; below- 2 free zipper closured matching cosmetic cases | Source

Wildlife Print Quilted Tote Bag with 2 Free Matching Cosmetic Cases

This custom crafted wildlife print soft quilted fabric tote bag is exclusively available from Bradford Exchange.

The inside is roomy with two pockets. At the top of the bag is a zipper closure to keep your valuables safe. Moreover, to help you stay organized, two matching cosmetic cases are included-- free, when you purchase this tote bag. One case is for cosmetics. The other one is for your brushes. Both free matching cosmetic cases have zipper closures, too.

There are two parallel handles with a 9-inch drop. In addition, a beautiful sculpted panda tag hangs from the handles.

I chose this wildlife print tote bag in my shopping list because I’m attracted to its vivid and beautiful endangered wildlife images including elephants, white tigers, pandas, orangutans, and more. John-Seerey Lester creates this renowned art.

Wildlife print soft quilted tote bag makes a wonderful gift to anyone whom you know as a wildlife enthusiast. Well, I’m a wildlife enthusiast, can you buy this for me? :))

some of the other wildlife print-- wolf print vegan leather handbag
some of the other wildlife print-- wolf print vegan leather handbag | Source

Cheetah Print Leather Handbag

Cheetah Print Leather Handbag is a satchel-type bag. Its handle and a detachable hanging strap is made of soft butter faux leather. If you compare faux leather and a genuine leather, faux leather is lighter.

This polyester lining handbag has 2 outside slip pockets, one on each side. Inside there is also a pocket with a zipper closure and silvery zipper pull. In addition, the handbag is footed at the bottom.

An Atlanta artist, Amy Pugh-Campos, who founded Salvador Kitti, LLC in 2010, a family-owned green company, creates the cheetah print on recycled paper. Not only cheetah design does she create, there are a lot other different striking wildlife prints.

As I've already mentioned, the small portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to wildlife conservation projects.


There are a lot of ways of celebrating Earth Day. One, for me, is wearing a fashionable animal print tote bag. You're not only showing your being fashionable and a wildlife enthusiast, but you are also contributing to the endangered wildlife conservation cause.

Ways of Celebrating Earth Day


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