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Celebrities Colors & Shapes, Styles & Trends - What were they thinking?

Updated on March 25, 2013

What were they thinking? Celebrities Fashion Style, Shapes and Trends

Style is a statement alright but it is also an expression of your personality.When you see celebrities photos plastered across magazines; in their romantic, creative, dramatic, and city chick fashion styles; when you see them in their different body silhouettes, do you ever wonder, what were they thinking?

What goes on, on the inside of a person is the expression of what you see on the outside. Here I explore celebrities’ style personalities, fashion staples, and trends per week. I will showcase one celebrity Silhouette of the week and I will analyse their shapes, styles and fashion trends.

Below are a few of the questions going through my mind and I intend to explore different celebrities fashion sense through this medium every week.

What are their iconic staples? Do they follow fashion trends all the time or are they fashion forward? What is the state of their mind with the ensembles? What language are they passing across to their fans, friends, families, onlookers and haters? What were they thinking when they decided to wear those ensembles?

This is how it will work; I will choose and showcase one celebrity Silhouette of the week. I will analyse what sort of body shapes they have, their iconic fashion sense, fashion staples, fashion statements, Style personalities, and possible state of their minds with the ensemble.

If you are equally curious to know what goes on in the celebrities head and why they choose the ensembles they choose, Please like my page on Facebook where you can explore more pictures, make comments on the photos and share with families and friends. Also, follow me on twitter. Many Thanks


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