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Celebrity Face-Off: Tattoos!

Updated on December 23, 2013
Celebrity Tattoos
Celebrity Tattoos

Check it out everyone:

Another celebrity face-off is coming at you. This time it’s celebrity's and their summer skin. We took an office poll to see which celebrities had the best ink and the most bodacious bods this summer swimwear season.

It’s pretty obvious that tattoos have been gaining more and more popularity these past few years with celebrities like Lil Wayne and Angelina Jolie almost literally tattooing every part of their body. Yet, the best parts about tattoos are the indication that they represent freedom of expression. Which is why many tattoos aren't on display until those blistering beach months.

Wearing a swimsuit is the best time to showcase your sexy tattoos that none of us understand or care to figure out. Nonetheless, a few ladies wear their tattoos proudly and they look great doing so. So in this episode of celebrity face-off, you tell us why celebrity looks best showing off their tats.

Drew Barrymore’s butterfly tattoo is a cute little “surprise” below her navel. It shows her fun spirit and suits her well. This is only one of Barrymore's many tattoos which she has proudly displayed in public. Barrymore also rocks the word "Breathe" on her arm as well as a cross on her leg and a bird on her arm.

Pink has two very distinct tattoos on her legs and one on her foot that you can’t miss from space. The two bows on her legs are....wait for in color and also identical to each other! Bikinis and bow tattoos, what more could you ask for?

Christina Ricci’s tattoos are located under her bust and her waist. Both are subtle and delicate, yet sexy. This Casper star has always been a fan of tattoos as a form of expression. We assume the tattoo on her back is to show strength and we are totally digging the outline of it.

Megan Fox has a paragraph written on her side (literally…and OUCH, must have hurt) and Marilyn Monroe’s face on her arm. However, all of her tattoos fit her well as she has been very boostful of their meanings as well as their importance in her life. And her body art count just keeps growing!

So which ladies has the best tattoos? Who will reign supreme in the battle of sexy bikini tattoos?

The winner: Megan Fox. Her tattoos are as famous as she is in pop culture. Showcasing the mysteriousness that comes along with her package. In a close second was Christina Ricci whose subtle tattoos are perfect for celebrities and us regular people who would like to show up at a job interview without looking like a biker boy.


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