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Celebrity Hairstyles: How To Get The Latest Trends

Updated on October 8, 2012

Celebrity Hairstyles for Everyone

Famous people have often been the torch-bearers of fashion, attitude and public opinion. It should not come as a surprise then, that they are also the driving force behind the latest trendy hairstyles. It’s not unusual for clients to come to a stylist carrying magazine pages ripped at the roots, carrying images of the latest stars of music and film sporting ooh la la hairstyles that they want for themselves. Whatever it is that makes a famous woman’s hair desirable enough to want to copy, there’s no denying that the magic that worked in eighteenth century France is still alive and well.

Top stylists believe that the constant change required for a star to stay fashionable is mirrored in their fans, be it clothes, cosmetics or coifs. The options, when unlimited, tend to provide a huge playing ground for the woman who wants to be as unique and individual as the star she plans to emulate, contradictory as that may sound.

Experts also agree that the severe looks of as recently as a year ago are now gone, with soft and sexy looks being eschewed by the stars of today, like Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon. Apparently it’s the soft styles that are most requested at styling salons as well, confirming this.


A surprising entry into the list of top factors affecting the choice of hair color seems to be - the global recession; though a deeper look shows that it’s only natural that in lean times women will look to do touch-ups less often, thereby settling for more muted tones. A stylist who knows his stuff can get highlights to stay on as long as six months - excellent news for the dollar-watching client. With a color that’s just a tad lighter than their natural hair, clients can get a highlight treatment that will add character to the hair, making a big impact not on the pocketbook but on the appearance.

Seasoned stylists also prefer to work with pictures, which fits in perfectly with what the client wants. They can then discuss options and discourage clients from making the obviously bad hair decisions, while setting the right expectations about anticipated results. Stylists actually recommend that you bring in as many photos as you can, to give yourself and them a lot of options to finally get the exact look you’re after. They also urge clients to think about maintenance, considering the fact that the average non-celebrity doesn’t have access to a host of hair care experts running to fix things as soon as they see a single hair out of place.

Even though choosing the right look for you from literally hundreds of celebrities’ trendy options, the effort is well worth it. A carefully done do will do wonders for your self-esteem and your general feeling of well-being, and the glow can last for days.


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