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Celebrity Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Updated on August 13, 2014
Natalie Portman in Smokey Eye Makeup
Natalie Portman in Smokey Eye Makeup

Are you looking for tips on how to get smokey eye makeup for brown eyes? This look rocks and is popular at proms, clubs, nights out on the town, and for evening special occasions.

Let the smokey eye makeup looks of actresses Natalie Portman, J-Lo, Nicole Richie, and Eva Longoria inspire you. Smokey eyeshadow makeup is less difficult to achieve than you think. Let's take a look at a few celebrities and how they did it.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman's smokey eyes look dramatic. She first lines her eyes in a thin layer of black eyeliner. Then she surrounds her full eye in silver-gray eyeshadow, which extends to abover her eyelid. She tops it off with pink eyeshadow under her brows.

Jennifer Lopez in Smokey Eye Makeup
Jennifer Lopez in Smokey Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer's look is probably the best in this hub, and her eye makeup is intricate, using four different eyeshadow colors. Jennifer starts off with a medium layer of black eyeliner around her eyes, which is also smeared at the outer corners.

She then applies both medium and dark brown eyeshadows beneath and above her lids, extending to underneath her browbone. Beneath her eyebrows she applies a cream-pink color eyeshadow. The inset of her eyes is covered with glittery cream-colored shadow. The look is topped off with black mascara.

Eva Longoria in Smokey Eye Makeup
Eva Longoria in Smokey Eye Makeup

Eva Longoria

Eva's look is actually appropriate enough for daytime because her smokey eyes are subtle and set against tan skin. Her eyes begin with a thin layer of black eyeliner.

If you have her skin tone and keep the eye makeup a little subtle as she does, then you could easily wear this look to work or school.

She uses dark gray shadow around her eyes, stopping at the crease of her lids. Then she tops it off with peachy brown shadow under her brows. She finishes with a light layer of black mascara.

Nicole Richie in Smokey Eye Makeup
Nicole Richie in Smokey Eye Makeup

Nicole Richie

Nicole sets off her big brown eyes really well with smokey makeup that is almost neutralizing with her eyes. First, only her top lids are lined with black eyeliner. Then she applies a shimmery soft brown shadow from beneath her eyes to her browbone. Her look is topped off with peachy eyeshadow that extends to her brows. She applies black mascara very thinly to her lower lashes and then thickly to her upper lashes.


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