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Celebrity VMA Fashions | How Much Lace Is Too Much Lace?

Updated on September 14, 2009

At one time, I would have naively thought that one could never have too much lace. In fact, you can probably find multiple articles where I have expressed that very sentiment if you look around a bit. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Very wrong. There is such a thing as too much lace, and it took one of my favorite singers and fashionistas to bring the point home.

This is not a picture of some Middle Eastern woman flouting tradition in a see through burkha. This is Lady Gaga giving her VMA acceptance speech for being generally awesome at music or whatever. (I'd find the video but she apparently swears more than a Somali pirate being targeted by an SAS sniper on the high seas, and all anyone is talking about is the fact that Kanye West acted like a bit of a twit when he stole the microphone from a 19 year old girl.)

This, meine damen und herren, is too much lace. Note the way it covers the facial region, rendering the occupant of the outfit somehow mute to the world. One should always ensure that one's lace allows one to see and be seen, as being mistaken for an animated mannequin sometimes offends.

Of course, this is Lady Gaga, who is well known for breaking fashion rules, thereby demonstrating why they're there. Earlier in the evening she gave a fairly odd performance of Poker Face / Paparazzi, which involved fake bleeding everywhere. She also swore profusely whilst accepting the award, claiming that the award was for 'God' and 'the Gays.'

I know this is turning into a bit of a VMA's run down which nobody needs because there are already 50 million of these sorts of articles out on the net and counting, but it is a shame that the entire production, which started with a quite tasteful and even poignant tribute to Michael Jackson ( I cried) turned into a crazy fest of hopped up artists behaving badly.

Don't follow the examples you see set here. In the real world these will only translate into mocking and potential violence, and chances are you can't afford the sort of security Kanye and Gaga no doubt find essential.

Perhaps there's a deeper lesson here. A lesson about the bizarre effects of fame upon the human ego and personality. Perhaps it is better to languish an unknown than be thrust into the spotlight, the usual constraints of good conduct removed as you flail about wildly searching for some kind of meaning to it all. But the lights are bright, the alcohol is flowing and you probably shouldn't have mixed those pills. Next thing you know, you're wearing an entire lingerie store on your head, slurring your words and thanking God for the magnificence of it all.


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    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      Haven't seen the show, but I agree, too much much lace is bad.

      I like Lady Gaga's music but I think she overacts.

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      Hey Hope and great uptake on Lady Gaga. She has money and is very extravagant, but that does not excuse her poor appearance and her language of the lowest intelligence level. I really wish people could just understand that you don’t have to swear every other word to have a conversation or to even make a statement. As for the lace, well you are right about fame and ego and until everyone stops putting cameras in her face and making a big deal over her she will continue, but there again that is our society.

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 8 years ago from West Coast

      Hope, I thought it was way too much lace and was so glad when she took it down. I felt claustrophobic watching her in all that lace.