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Long Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous.

Updated on July 24, 2014

Movies have always been inspiration of style especially when it comes to hair styles. Thanks to the celebrities, we get to know of various hair styles. There are many celebrities with the best long hair styles.

The first one in the list is Kate Beckinsale. The once short haired beauty today sports voluminous, tumbling curls with a touch of ombre. Her length of hair matches her face type as well as her complexion. Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian supermodel is a hit among men for her tousled tresses and the beach babe look.

Nicole Kidman is one actor who has experimented with different hair dos- from brunette, blonde to loose curls; she has done it all. She was widely applauded for her sleek look recently. The natural red shine of her hair with the right amount of blonde highlights makes her the celebrity with perfect long hair.

The ‘Gossip Girl’ Blake Lively is reputed to have the best locks in Hollywood. Her thick and mile long tresses give an added advantage to her looks. Julia Roberts is another actor who has found a place in our hearts with her pearl white toothy smile and cinnamon-kissed auburn curls. Demi Moore has mostly kept her hair long despite the notion that older women should go for shorter hair. Stylists have claimed that Demi can carry off short and long hair with equal grace. It seems her anti ageing secrets are working in her favor.

Jessica Simpson has everything going right for her. From having a body to kill for, a perfect smile and face; she has long, wavy, thick, blonde golden hair.

Jessica Alba’s long, silky and sexy hair just add on to her popularity quotient. And lastly who can forget the luscious locks of Shakira? She wears her natural color and it seems that her long thick layers help her in her dancing too.

Talking about men in Hollywood who carry long tresses; Ashton Kutcher is one of the first names that come to the mind. He wears his long hair with bangs, parted from mid section, parted from sides or brushed back for the sleek look. He has also worn his long locks in messy casual style.

Chris Hemsworth is another actor who is known for his manes. His flowing, blonde superhero locks are a rage among girls and boys alike. Do you like Chris Hemsworth’s silky and sleek hairstyle. He looked every inch of a true God that came straight from our fantasy world.

Christian Bale and Brad Pitt are few of the other Hollywood actors who have tried keeping long hair. Long hairstyles carry a completely different aura. No matter what look you want to sport, whether metro sexual or the 80s rock start look, long hair will be your companion. Another friend of long hair is the beard. If you have a long beard with long hair, then get ready for turning heads and for girls falling in love. Moreover, a long hairstyle can bring back some memories from your teenage when you wanted to look like your favorite singers. Give it a try today. Pictures courtesy of &

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