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Celtic Tattoos And Meanings

Updated on February 27, 2015

Celtic Tattoos and Meanings: Celtic Knot, Cross and Other Tattoo Designs

In other tattoo-related hubs that I have written, I have confessed to never actually having gotten a tattoo myself. You may immediately think it strange that I write about a topic, such as tattoos, in which I have very little experience in actually obtaining. Though I have never actually found myself to be brave enough to endure the ceremonial like past time of tattooing, this is, indeed, an art form that I have come to highly respect and cherish at a distance. With his thirteen years of military service inspiring a canvas of tattoo body art, my husband has several tattoos. Among several different types of tattoos, he does have one Celtic inspired tattoo.

You may or may not be familiar with these.

Celtic culture is rich with symbols and designs, and these symbols have elaborate and deep meanings. When choosing a Celtic tattoo design, it's important to understand the meanings of your choices. It would be impossible to do justice to all Celtic tattoos and meanings, so in this article I will cover a few of the most popular choices.

It's important with any tattoo design choice to do your research and pick carefully. As a permanent part of your body, they are certainly not something to take lightly. Though there is an air of permanency behind any tattoo decision, I admit that one day I just might find myself to be brave enough to venture into an art form that is celebrated by many people from bikers, to rockers, to service members, to bold teenagers attempting to derive meaning from life and all its complexities.

In this article, not only do I discuss Celtic tattoo design options meanings, but, lastly, I will discuss my favorite tattoo after care options. As a registered nurse by trade, who has just so happened to have helped assist my husband with the after care of his own tattoos, I truly believe that I have a lot of knowledge in this regard.

Because you have quite possibly found this article because you are exploring these Celtic tattoo meanings and design options just before your departing to visit an actual tattoo artist, it is also quite likely that you will be interested in the best ways to care for your tattoo once you get it.

The truth is, I absolutely swear by using essential oils, like the doTERRA company brand, for aftercare and treatment of new tattoos. Sadly, I have seen one to many cases--namely, images online, as well as, a friend's unfortunate experience--where an artistically brilliant masterpiece becomes a horrendously infected piece of artist shame and embarrassment.

Sadly, too many people in the world today can relate to this occurrence.

Long after you leave the artist's studio, the best top-notch artists long for you to not only be happy with the piece they created on your body's canvas, but they also don't want it to become infected with various bacteria. Those individuals truly see their work as "art", and want it to be of the highest quality for you to share (and brag about) with both family and friends.

Though this article is really about meanings and "ideas", I do believe that I would be remiss in my responsibility and obligation (as an article writer) to give you the best possible recommendations if I were not to mention proper and effective after care.

Of course, we can discuss that later on in this article!

But, for now, the ideas await....

I hope this article helps you decide upon a Celtic inspired tattoo that you like!

Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs: Celtic Tattoo Designs and Meanings

First in our list of Celtic tattoos and meanings, the Celtic cross tattoo design. The cross is a popular tattoo design because it spans several cultural images all at once. Those who are deeply connected via birth or philosophy to Celtic history will appreciate them, and those with religious affiliations will find meaning that way.

The Celtic cross tattoo design symbolizes faith and devotion as you can expect with a cross. But the cross is filled with mazes and knots, symbolizing the complexity of life. The Celtic cross tattoo design is viewed in that culture as a religious icon, but also as a crossroads. It's a point of reference for your spirituality, your place in life, and time in general.

The Celts had a very interesting view on time and space (which I will have to write on later), and the Celtic cross tattoo design should reflect this belief.

Your Celtic Tattoo Tattooing Experience?

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Celtic Tattoos and Meanings: Triquetra: Celtic Inspired Tattoo Designs

Next in the list of Celtic tattoos we'll look at is the Triquetra. The Triquetra, like the Celtic Cross, is a holy design that symbolizes divinity and balance. There are a number of meanings that are popularly associated with the Triquetra, but most symbolize things that are found in threes. One well-known interpretation is spirit, body and mind. Another is father, son and holy spirit.

Your Celtic tattoo design can represent the Celtic relationship to time, by meaning past, present and future. Or it can be a symbol of you and your parents, or two people who mean a lot to you, a spouse and a child perhaps.

When choosing your Celtic tattoo and meanings, notice that the Triquetra is all linked together. Hopefully if you choose this one, you can find meaning in it.

United by Charmed:

Celtic Tattoos and Meanings: Triskelion: Cool Celtic Tattoo Designs

The Triskelion is a Celtic tattoo design with a few specific meanings. The three 'legs' are meant to represent competition and achievement, and the round and rotating image is meant to symbolize the circular nature of life and work. Other words to describe the Triskelion are action, revolution, cycle, and progress.

You'll notice the important of threes in celtic tattoo designs and meanings, as well as the repeat appearance of circles. Each design has individual meaning, but many represent body, spirit and mind with their circular, swirling designs.


If you were to get a Celtic inspired tattoo RIGHT NOW, which one would you get?

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My Husband and I

This is a Cartoon Image of My Husband and I. He is in Good Hands, I Promise. :)
This is a Cartoon Image of My Husband and I. He is in Good Hands, I Promise. :)

Critical Wound After Care and Treatment: Advice from a Once Wound Care Nurse!

A casual Google search will reveal that the variety of tattoo after care treatments and options are nearly as varied as your options for body art itself. Like an artist's massive portfolio book containing pictures of his/her own original masterpieces, different people will recommend a wide variety of treatments aimed to address numerous human bodily requirements in relation to the healing process. Some will recommend products that reduce inflammation, while others will recommend products that will promote skin elasticity. Even more, some will recommend products that primarily address tissue regrowth, while others swear that the key to a successful healing process can be found simply in hydration.

All of these are good, however each/all of them, in isolation (as recommended by some) is not sufficient enough to adequately and effectively promote the healing process.

On fortunate occasions, some may know enough about the healing process to actually recommend a product, or a combination of products, that address SOME of those issues simultaneously. Few, as I have found, understand the wound healing process enough to realize that the perfect skin wound after care product or products require a combination of ingredients, elements and attributes that leverage compound complexity to address the following issues:

  • Tissue healing and repair.
  • Inflammation reduction.
  • Skin elasticity promotion.
  • Tissue re-growth.
  • Hydration.

As mentioned earlier on, I have never, personally, had a tattoo, however, I have done a great deal of research along with helping assist my husband with the after care of his own numerous tattoos. With my 4 year nursing degree, along with quite a bit of time working as a wound care nurse in a nearby hospital, I strongly contend that one doesn't actually need to have had body art to truly understand (and apply) the many elements of effective wound treatment. Not to degrade or lessen the value of what others say and recommend, but, the wounds that I have cared for have gone way beyond the wounds generated by an artist's needle during the body art process.

Some of the wounds that I have cared for, as a registered nurse, were so serious and deep that effective healing required the delicate management of very complex wound treatments, over time.


Until I can write the remainder of this article, you can find my absolutely favorite tattoo after care treatment over on doTERRA's website. It is called "Immortelle". You can find this by simply clicking on that link, then the link "Shop for Products" in the middle upper right hand corner, followed by clicking the "begin shopping" button (after selecting your country) on the following page.

This can be found under the "Oil Blends" category text, which can be seen with a complementary picture to the right hand side of the page.

Currently priced at $92.67 (retail), this treatment option is certainly not cheap.

Like Costco or Sam's Club, however, there is also a wholesale option available, if you would prefer to purchase this oil (or other oils) at 25% off their retail price.

You can obtain that wholesale discount by simply enrolling as a Wellness Advocate. The initial first year price for wholesale club membership is a one time fee of $35. After that, the cost for renewing, each year, drops $10, from $35 to $25.

At wholesale price, a bottle of Immortelle would drop from $92.67 to $69.51! (That is literally a $23.16 savings, covering a substantial part of the first year initial membership fee, and almost all of the subsequent year fees....just with one bottle of oils that, if purchased separately would literally be through the roof.)

I have seen bottles of Frankincense, depending on the company, brand and quality, range anywhere from $40 to $100 or more.

This is because of the complexity of the various compounds and ingredients.

The Immortelle essential oil blend is so effective because it literally leverages some of the world's most expensive and complex oils, like Frankincense and Myrrh.

Later, I will add to this article regarding how each active ingredient actually helps address all the elements of successful effective wound care that I had mentioned earlier in this section.

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