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Chanel Automatic/Quartz Watch Review: J12, Premier, Mademoiselle, Vintage

Updated on January 9, 2015

Chanel Watches

Chanel watch department offers men's and ladies' timepieces categorized according to collections: J12, a dedicated watch line that includes complications, haute joaillerie items, and special editions; and, a range of jewelry items, mostly ladies, some of which stem from such iconic lines as Camellia.

A relatively recent addition to Chanel oeuvre, J12 contains latest achievements in micro-engineering – automatic movements enhanced with GMT, chronograph, tourbillon, retrograde movement, and other complications. Jewelry and dive models take the watch into fashion and sports directions respectively.

Women's pieces include, besides the mentioned Camellia, the classic Premier – a sought for vintage design – Mademoiselle, Chocolat, 1932, and Matelassee. Let's take a closer look:

Chanel J12 Watch White Ceramic
Chanel J12 Watch White Ceramic

J12 Design

Radial symmetry underlies the J12 design, giving it a firm base of a harmonious, calm aesthetic. Apparently, this labyrinth inspired circle-within-circle layout readily recreates that unique charm and energetic quality that all Chanel jewelry is suffused with.

J12 Marine, the diving variation of the original, emphasizes these characteristics with a special effect, perhaps inspired by diver's underwater sensations – we recommend visiting the dedicated J12 Marine website for a more visual&auditory experience.

High tech black or white ceramic cases (bands come in ceramic, steel, or rubber) accommodate automatic or quartz movements.


Here again Chanel prove that ingenuity and originality can easily outmatch luxurious splashes of diamonds and gold.

From the delicate refinement of Camellia watches, and to the pearly elegance of the square Mademoiselle, from the high-fashion flair of Premier and Matelassee, and to the boldly, even defiantly avant-guard 1932 and Chocolat, the brand feels equally at ease, offering surprising, artistic, and fresh solutions.

Our favorite is the pseudo-digital (quartz caliber) 1932 – a timepiece that dissects the face into separate segments, only one acting as the actual dial – the other parts complimenting it with black or white diamonds. A techno-satin strap attaches this watch to the wrist.


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