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Chanel Bracelet Jewelry Review: Cuff, Charm, Camellia, Gold, Leather, CC Logo

Updated on January 9, 2015

Chanel Bracelets

While various precious metal, diamonds, gemstones, and recently ceramic based bracelets comprise Chanel's classic permanent collections, seasonal additions will often incorporate new materials, and feature some degree of experimental design. Indeed, bracelet segment becomes the brand's most experimental – taking risks, and trying new things – taking the role of a leader in contemporary jewelry design.

Craftsmanship in particular receives a hefty dose of attention, the company clearly taking notice of the explosion of independent designer workshops. Jewelry and fashion have always been about the imagination and originality of a single artist – Judith Ripka, David Yurman, and, naturally, Coco Chanel herself – they all prove this to be true.

Chanel CC Logo Diamond Pave Jewelry
Chanel CC Logo Diamond Pave Jewelry

As a result, latest pieces will display a “home-made,” one-of-a-kind, slightly messy look that strongly contrasts with the sleek elegance of white gold and diamond Camellia, Cometes, and Ultra bracelets. However, with time, some of those messy and fresh patterns might find a way into the permanent collection.

Gold, Onyx, Agate, Ceramic

Chanel organize their precious metals and stones into cuff, chain (including charm ready) and link bracelets; each design exhibits familiar collection themes – a camellia blossom (agate or scroll-work), a three tone (white and yellow gold, onyx) closed chain, white gold chunks paved with diamonds (lobster claw closure), several rows of ceramic bricks, and so on.

Delicate, but not fragile, and always, always charming, these pieces bespeak Chanel core principles, enveloping observers in a promise of comfort and happiness.

Other Materials

These edgy items do not promise something they don't plan on delivering – in a way, they represent the rougher, far less polished sides of life. Can you help it that sometimes these parts are the more interesting and exciting ones?

Chanel certainly don't want to miss out on the fun, and venture into the open (very few jewelry brands have audacity to match), incorporating aged metal, resin, python skin, rhinestones (strass), and silk, offering complex, imbalanced, and artisan inspired jewelry.


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